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Comment Re:Apple REULEZ! (Score 1) 408

On Slashdot your point is especially salient and I agree with the tone as well...

In your average real life scenario....socializing at the kid's little league game, at the bar, out on a cigarette break with random coworkers, waiting in line at a store, etc, it's a decent way to establish that you aren't the average "lol technology" user. If you have reasonable amount of authority in any random subject it isn't actually a dick move to highlight that fact to give your words more gravity.

Calm down.

Comment Of all the communities to try to pull this shit on (Score 5, Insightful) 2219

I would imagine the fact that this being, perhaps, one of the largest and most discerning groups of techno-literate and bullshit doublespeak phobic groups on the entire planet....I would imagine that would give someone in the organization some pause. Someone with enough pull that they might be able to communicate how suicidal that move would be to someone who might care, if for nothing more than profit potential concerns.

We are the filters. We see through this shit. This is perhaps why we aren't as click-baitable. Why we are so ad-averse. Why typical marketing paradigms have had no effect on us. We have the wherewithal to recognize it, the technical ability to eliminate it and the common sense to disregard it.

We aren't against being monetized. Lots of us make money doing that very thing. We are indeed a fickle crowd, but we are huge. We are smart. We want to be engaged.

...I'm starting to believe, as previously suggested, that this is an effort to bury /., as it has been deemed both unprofitable and perhaps a waste of money...perhaps even a way to bury value from another investment.

...who knows, lets get all tinfoil-hatty...maybe a conglomeration of so many technorati is undesirable to certain elements of society. Who knows what we might come up with? Tor? Mesh network? Uncompromisable encryption? Internet3? This is a concentration of brainpower from all ends of the information industry. All ends of all spectrums in information tech, electronics, security, programming, logic, mathematics, physics, all manner of political disciplines...maybe we're just a dangerous group?

Color me jaded, but, I think this is the end.

I'd just like to say to my comrades, It's been a brilliant and illuminating journey (for the most part). I've learned much, I've laughed even more. This one last hurrah has embiggened my heart. We have all universally united against a common foe--mediocritization...likely in vain.

I'll see you guys on the other side...wherever that may be.

Comment What a perfect example of why beta is bad... (Score 1, Offtopic) 249

This is absolutely astounding. This is one of the most absurd articles I have seen posted to /. in years...the amount of fanboy rage, absurd theories, wild conjecture, fallible prophesying....so much. This is such a juicy article. We have practically been waiting for this since the beginning of the iOS vs Android wars...

...and instead we have focused our efforts on drawing attention to the horrid design that is threatening our digital homestead.

If that doesn't drive home the point that beta = bad, well, I just don't know what will.

Flawless karma be damned, fuck beta.

After over 15 years of this site being my home page I will simply walk away and never look back if the concerns of the user community are not taken into serious consideration. Slashdot is the community.

Comment I really hope not. (Score 4, Interesting) 226

On one hand I think the FB app could use a LOT of advice from Opera's mobile team. I have an overclocked GalaxyS2 running at 1.5ghz...modded to the gills. Nothing on this phone is slow...except Facebook. Every update makes the experience more and more miserable. Opera's mobile/mini browsers are among the fastest and smoothest apps I have ever used. By far. Bar none. On any mobile platform....or any platform ever, for that matter. On the other hand I've been using Opera for over 12 years now. It is my go-to browser and it is the first thing I install on a computer...regardless of OS. It has always been ahead of it's time...often by a very long time (we've been returning to the same multi-tabbed browsing session for how much longer than everyone else?). Anyone I recommend the browser to becomes a lifelong fan. Geeks and non-geeks alike. It's tiny, lightning quick, hyper-compliant and more configurable than anything else.

I know that having Facebook sized development money can be nothing but a great thing for the progress of the browser, but, I'm more concerned with the direction of this development. Also some very obvious concerns with the use of turbo-mode to help FB aggregate more of the world's information...

...I'm going to vote 'I really hope not' on this one.

Comment I used to work in IT and.... (Score 4, Interesting) 960

I used to work in IT. When I was in IT I figured the reason we were so generally hated was that whenever we pop up it's to fix something that is broken or to change something that isn't. So either we showed up at an emergency or we showed up to create one...or at least I was sure that's how it was perceived. Most of the time it was to roll out changes of some sort. This never went over well. Add to that the difficulty of grabbing an IT guy for a moment for something small "sorry, fill out a ticket" sounds very cold. Of course if we didn't adhere to that system nothing would ever get done.

As seen from the IT department it's a dynamic issue, and a rather complicated one at that.

Now that I'm no longer in the IT department and have to deal with the IT department I'm pretty everybody hates the IT department because fuck those guys.

Comment Re:iPhone 5 replacement for disappointed Apple fan (Score 1) 246

Do not wait for HTC to release a phone with a better camera. Samsung makes, hands down, the best camera in the Android game right now. The Camera on my Nexus S was really good, but, a little lacking. The camera on my Galaxy S2 is nothing short of phenomenal. I would imagine the Nexus Prime to have the same sensor and maybe better optics.

...I just came from a long line of HTC phones before these last two Samsungs...and I will be getting the Nexus Prime when it comes out. The HTC's have "pretty good for a cellphone" level of camera on the Hero, EVO4G and EVO3D.

But if you are going to jump whole-hog into Android a Nexus device is probably the best bet. They get updates first, they get updates longer, great community support, cutting edge hardware. Also even though all Nexus devices have been built on a nearly-identical platform as other phones (Nexus1= HTC EVO4G, Incredible... Nexus S= Galaxy 1...Nexus Prime=Galaxy 2) they seem to run faster and smoother out of the box.

The EVO4G even had the same sensor as the iPhone4 but the pictures weren't even close, not in the same league...not on the same planet. I wouldn't waste any time hoping for HTC to make a better camera than Samsung.

Comment RIP Steve Jobs (Score 1) 1613

I may be diametrically opposed to your model but your contributions to technology and even culture (yeah, I said it) cannot be denied. Geek culture and culture*.*

Love him or hate him...love or hate his company...love or hate their products, but, his truly visionary status cannot be disputed.

Enjoy your rest in the big /dev/null in the sky.

Comment WTF? (Score 2) 145

I'm not sure what the hell is going on over at HTC but not only has Google made every one of their phones easily unlockable, nor do I think they care to, but, HTC also made the very first Nexus (NexusOne). "Fastboot oem unlock" is a mantra among the Android hacking/modding community for that very reason.

Color me confused.

Comment Re:Yes (Score 2) 213

Furthermore, what is the effective difference? Some people have supplemented their "actual identity" with another that may actually be far more known to people....wether the person behind the account known as "Foo" is actually Ralph Smith or not doesn't matter. He is known as Foo.

I grew up in the heyday of the BBS. We would have meetups where we would just call each other by our respective handles. Why? That's how we knew one another. After years of correspondence your real name was effectively irrelevant, not to mention difficult to attach to the name we already knew for years. There are a few of those guys I still talk to and we still call each other by our handles. It's just easier.

So whoever can't stand the idea of no anonymity will create real sounding pseudonyms. Then they will be known as that. At that point what is the difference?

...so far as the police department is concerned any name you have ever used--even variations/abbreviations and misspellings of your real name--is considered an alias. So why doesn't Google just chill the hell out and wait until the local police catch up and document your online aliases as well? It's bound to happen anyway.

I guess my main question is, functionally, what is the difference between an "actual identity" and a pseudonym? Nothing except for the government or other 'official' body...unless there is money to be made, of course.

Comment Re:Or they can continue... (Score 1) 157

Oh yeah, and sometimes I don't plug it in for days and when I turn it on the battery is still pretty much exactly where it was....that's a relatively new feature, lol.

As for the actual reason I replied again: Hard-power off = Hold the power button down until it turns off. Locking up your device once or twice is part of the ritual of modding an android device. Just be sure to never do this while flashing. I'd rather let the battery run dry than risk having to fix things the hard way. (Which isn't that hard, honestly, and there are clear instructions on XDA's Nook Color forum for how to fix this)

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