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Comment Re:Isn't this like an ancience technology (Score 2) 65

The 2000 liter requirement is kind of a deal breaker. If I have a 1 meter square device that can produce 50 liters a day, that would be way better than a 50,000 meter square device that makes 2000 liters a day.

And in some places, gathering 2000 liters of water from the air is nearly impossible, in other places, it is almost trivial.

And water isn't always the problem, it is usually "clean water" that is the problem.

Comment Re:Nothing new (Score 2) 211

It certainly isn't new; but it is, arguably, even more glaring(and idiotic) now that 'mobile' is such a thing.

Yes, the graphic designer who thinks that he's god's gift to beauty because the site 'looks good' on his color-calibrated multi-thousand-dollar Eizo has always deserved a smack; but that's especially true now that it is more likely that his target audience isn't just viewing the results on a smaller, cheaper, screen than he is; but on a tiny smartphone LCD, backlight dimmed for battery life, with a mirror finish to pick up every stray reflection and hint of sunlight.

Form over function has always been a danger; and failure to test your output on a reasonable simulation of what people will actually view it on has always been a mistake; but the contrast is particularly glaring when the gulf between the sort of screens that 'content creators' tend to use and the average quality of screens site visitors are using is so enormous. It has always been there; but it has not always been so wide.

Comment Re:If you can't see the text (Score 5, Interesting) 211

Remember those crazy, utopian, idealists who tried to design web standards so that content and presentation could be, and would be, cleanly separated; and thus easily adapted to the requirements of just about any user agent out there?

That dream isn't completely dead; but it sure doesn't get much respect from the cool kids(which can make the 'just impose your own CSS' trick pretty hairy on some of the touchier sites out there).

Comment Incoming Fraud (Score 2) 20

This is going to open up whole new arenas of Fraud. Imagine a "fake" reseller "NlKE" selling fake Sneakers that never come.

(Please note that is not an "I" (capital i) that is an "l" (lower case L) )

Incoming Message from NlKE, "%50 off all NlKE sneakers! Buy now using PayPal!"

Please file under "what could possibly go wrong"

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 415

It seems to me that most offices would benefit from having a sensible balance of both genders. For whatever reason, women tend to have a different approach to problem solving than men, which might add value in itself. It might also motivate people to be a little bit more aware of certain aspects of coexistence that are often somewhat neglected in an all-male office - IOW it might make the office-atmosphere a little nicer.

I doubt it. The modern office workplace today is entirely asexual. It's quite the opposite of "Mad Men" (a depiction of office life that I doubt anyone wants to restore). The ideal environment for HR and the lawyers is one entirely blind to anyone's gender. Get rid of the gender labels on the bathrooms, for god's sake, it's causing too many issues. Don't comment on anyone's clothing or hairstyle, don't even mention whether someone is male or female, that's the way. Office romances, once a stable of work life, are horribly verboten. We can't have Dan from accounting asking Doris from Marketing out for a date. Don't even extend an invitation to lunch - harassment is a wrong glance on an elevator these days.

So when you go to work, dress androgynously, speak to everyone in the same monotone voice, and for crying out loud try to forget that all these people are humans and sexual beings. It's dangerous.

Comment Re: Oh noes!!!!11111 (Score 1) 415

You'll need to do this kind of social engineering over in India, then, because that's where all the coders are coming from now, and the ones that are filling all the jobs. It's probably going to be a much rougher battle for the SJW crowd to make the kind of headway over in that culture than they do here in the US. But maybe it will give them something to do while we (men and women) get on with business.

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