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Comment some factors to take into account (Score 1) 126

When people are grouped into a small team with a simple hierarchy then interpersonal problems start to dissappear and the team effort becomes more important. In addition the team itself gains a group experience that grows and keeps growing if the team spirit stays alive even if one member changes once in awhile. Unfortunately this would require the right software, ide, shared screens etc... and at least a couple of years to grow. It should be more like bridge programming (like the bridge of a Navy ship). The momentum of a team can eventually be more than the sum of the parts if fed properly. I would even say that a tester and documenter (and whatever other non coder is required ) could take part and to put it even further perhaps each member would have a person or a smaller team working for them. Yeah if I had nine zeros to spare I would definitely try to grow something like this.

Comment The only reason Nvidia could be doing this is... (Score 1) 200

Because they will include several cameras and microphones and the GPU will always be building a context of where it is (neural nets married to gen algorithms, etc...), and what is going on around it so that when you use the device, it will already have a good idea about what you want.

That, or if you drop it, about 3 inches before it hits the ground, tiny little airbags will break the fall.

Perhaps they are creating a roll out device. 8 inches by 1 inch, but rolls out to a full 20 inches across.

Maybe they'll integrate full android app compatibility?

Maybe the thing will have little legs that come out so that when it's at the other side of the room, you can call it over to you because you're on the sofa.

Is it possible that there will be no screen and there will be lasers that will just shoot the image directly into your eyes?

Some may think that when you buy many of them, you can put them together and the screens mesh together so well that not even one pixel is out of place in the suddenly larger screen that you have.

Maybe they will really make it 3 millimeters thick... really, that would be a pretty nice change.

Maybe the OS will really allow you to "Operate the System", you know someone should really make one of those for a phone or tablet, I don't think they exist yet.

well it's gotta be something good right? Not just more of the same to think they'll break the ice.

Comment what about underneath (Score 2) 502

As a person who will use the right os for the job and have no actual feelings about them, I'm more curious to know what has changed in the os rather than the ui. Anyone have any details? I'm waiting for automatic vm of every application, more integration with products outside the company. Another incarnation of an agent(maybe it will suck like the others but please don't stop trying), automatic knowledge of its physical location and surroundings(your remote is under the pillow), subsecond desktop transitions when a different user sits down, a simple fast api that maps all integration and configuration (slow wmi+wi+code-what-you-can is getting tedious and costs companies a lot of money)... lots more but anyways...

So, anyone have any meat on the new version?

Comment Re:Very VERY stupid idea... (Score 1) 233

It's not as simple as the same time. They won't get emergency supplies, space between the planets is different than leo, it will be the first time in modern history that humans will be too far from other humans to be able to have a live conversation with any technology available, any current decisions in the process of being made about whether to pand people on mars will be heavily affected by the results of this trip.

Also when we do land on mars ij the future it will be nice to know that a lot of the variables will have been answered so the smaller unknown can be focussed on... the engineers will he happy about this one.

In addition the social value, space travel seeds inventive thought here on Earth and hopefully gets people to think of the larger picture.

Comment Re:Very VERY stupid idea... (Score 1) 233

None of what you say is true. Being in space actually pushes food and water technology forward faster than "where it's happening" as you say. We're here and we have the option of using the resources available without trying to maximize output and that option is more often than not taken. In space there is no choice but to do the best we can with whats available because it costs so much for anything to actually be available. This leads to increases in technology for maximizing the output of available resources.

Comment keep inventory of my food (Score 1) 141

I want the kitchen to know all the food that i have, and if there's something that it doesn't know then it asks me and i tell it. At the very least ot would show me some pictures of what it could possibly be if ot doesn't understand me. With cameras, scales also it should also know how much i have of everything.

With all that, it should be able to suggest different meals with what i have. This is the whole reason for all this.

Of course it could suggest an ingrediant here or there for something else, and of i likenthe suggestion, remind me when i use my app on my phone when im at the grocery store to check if i have eggs at home.

No half ass implementation please, i wouldnt have patience to configure anything or add app nto make it do what i want like these programs that pass for operating systems these days where operating the system is the last priority of their existence.

Oh, another unrelated kitchen wish would be a couple of robotic arms that would move along the back of the counter and pick up, clean, dry and put away all dirty dishes. Yes, no more dishwasher. Bonus points if i can throw the plate from the dining room table.

I would be willing to pay the amount of a new compact car for that last one.

Comment separate your data (Score 1) 210

Put the data on the best type of filesystem required for it whether it be ext3, ext4, some NAS box with tons of memory, Ramdisks. If you have a complex web site, have multiple filesystem types. If you decide that you want a one size fits all then you obviously aren't that serious about the question.

Comment The funny thing really is... (Score 1) 372

Most likely they're looking for someone with map experience now, instead of someone who can say no to other departments when asking for commitment dates. That person knows very well that if you have a commitment date then bugs are implied, and not following this way is contrary to current training in degrees for programming and management.

While a balance can be found as a product matures, the birth of a product is very different. Look at how we treat humans in the different stages of their life for citations.

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