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Comment Re:Feeding the Beast (Score 5, Interesting) 197

They own a lot of brands that USED to be great before EA bought them, and ran them into the ground. Before EA bought Bioware, I used to buy Bioware's games without knowing much about them because Bioware always made outstanding games. Since EA bought them, the quality of those games has went down the toilet, and I honestly doubt I'll buy the next dragon age game that comes out simply because DA 2 was complete shit. Honestly, it was the same with the Mass Effect games. Same with Maxis, and a dozen other brands.

Comment Re:How does their per-capita (Score 1) 473

Yeah, I'm the same way. I lived near Dallas, Texas for close to a decade, and the 100+ degree temps in the summer combined with high humidity was terrible. Like you, I'm living in OK with a more tolerable climate, and decent AC (it keeps my apartment cool during the summer), which is a challenge, since I keep a computer in just about every room, have an HTPC, and keep a reef aquarium (which releases TONS of heat into the room, thus requiring the AC to be on all day, even at work).

Comment Re:Fascist bloodlust (Score 3) 380

He didn't even try to work within the system, he went completely around it, which something that you just don't do in the military. He didn't even try to go up the chain of command. The inspector generals exist for a reason. And failing that, he could have gone all the way to the President if need be. Instead, he gave the documents to someone else - documents that he knew were classified, but had no idea just what was on them. He knew that they could contain information that put american lives at risk, as well as the lives of anyone working with the military.

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