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Comment Re:Offshore wind (Score 1) 645

The much larger difficulty for nuclear is its waste,

We already solved that issue. Gen3 produces almost nothing to the point where we have already produced most of the waste that we will ever see.

Not to mention that what environmentalists call "waste" is actually reusable fuel.

Comment Re:Won't allow forwarding? (Score 1) 204

The only part of this that is related to gmail is that it is a chrome extension that adds the feature to the gmail interface. It sends the user an email link to view the message on a webpage, and then deletes the message later. It probably captures select and right click events in order to be "secure" too. In short, it is garbage.

So, it's not email then. "Go to this website, we have a message for you." No.

Comment Re:Still too much (Score 1) 114

Spam has been moving towards web based services for a while now. Almost all message boards have antispam measures now; every now and then you may run into an orphaned board without such measures, and it'll be wall to wall spam. The ratio of spam and legitimate posts on my Wordpress site used to be over 10/1 until I added some (premium) spam control, but a few spams still make it through.

It makes more sense for spammers to target blog comments for the simple fact that many people can view a single spam as opposed to just one email recipient. Add to the fact that anti-spam technology for blogs is not as advanced as it is for email and it's like spammer paradise.

Crooks are also moving into advertising networks. The a mount of malware that is distributed through advertisements is not insignificant.

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