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Comment Re:Maximum yield (Score 1) 813

You're so full of shit its coming out your eyes. When people get sick in other countries they come HERE for help.

Sometimes I am amazed how out of reality some USA citizens are.

Which countries are you exactly talking about? Costa Rica? Venezuela? Colombia? Because I have barely seen anyone in Spain or in Germany ( I live here) going to the US to get treated because of "better health care" over there. For instance, many elite sportsmen that get injured choose to remain in Europe. Why would that be? They can certainly afford to be treated in the USA...

America has the best health care on planet earth and because of that you pay a premium for it.

Oh my...oh my! Are you seriously writing this? You mean that health care that most part of the population cannot access? That one that has people gluing wounds on their hands because they cannot afford some *stitches* ? That one that is the biggest cause of bankruptcy in the USA?

Furthermore, both my parents are doctors and my mother was working in the Mayo Clinic ( yes, the one in Rochester, considered amongst the best in your country) and she was not at all impressed by the quality of the doctors in there. In fact, the only thing she could point that was better than the (4?) hospitals she's worked at in Spain were the resources/tools the doctors had at their disposal

If you want reduced costs go to your shitty third world communist paradise, please.

The key thing here is that health care is not about costs or money, it's about *HEALING*. And you know what? It's about healing the *people* and not only the *rich*.

We have the best infrastructure on Earth too. I never understand what you fucking idiots mean by "crumbling infrastructure". Maybe in your ghetto Democrat run shit holes in LA and NY but the rest of the country is merrily enjoying the greatest infrastructure man kind has ever created. It's too bad your Democrat run cities are falling apart, maybe you should look into those idiotic policies to figure out why, though I suspect you're too busy blaming white males for it.

I am not sure I even want to spend time replying to this. Comparing road and train systems between USA and Europe is so ridiculous that is not even funny.

Please, get out of your bubble, wake up from your dream.

Comment Re:WhatsApp? (Score 1) 188

Even with the use of *extremely* you are short at describing how popular whatsapp is around Europe.

I am from Spain, living in Germany and visiting The Netherlands and France every two weeks ( for work and for my girlfriend) and I can assure you that whatsapp is *THE* thing around here.

People look at you like if you were from another planet if you tell them that you don't use Whatsapp.

Comment Re:You are underestimating it (Score 1) 743

Greece is a warning to France or even spain, italy and other of the eurozone with ramping up debt : get your table cleaned or it might get burn down as a sanitisation process by others.

Spain must be doing something well as they advanced payments of their debt twice already (which the country is supposed to start paying back in 2022...) . Check here and here

Even though the Spanish public debt is still increasing ( 1-2% this year) all the indicators point to a recovery in Spanish economy and we can expect a start of reduction on the public debt by 2017

"The debt ratio will climb to 100.3% of GDP in 2015 and 101.5% a year after, before dropping to 98.5% in 2017. " extracted from here

Comment KBT Poker 2 (Score 1) 452

I bought this keyboard last summer and I am so damned happy about it.

- It's very compact: no FX raw, no numpad, no arrow keys.
- Mechanical
- Backlit
- Macros (up to 14 characters IIRC)

Something that it really annoyed me at first but afterwards I have realized that is a very intelligent decision: the location of the "arrow keys" on the left side of the keyboard. I am an avid vim short cuts user ( vimperator extension on my Firefox, kwrite/kate with vi-compatibility, heavy user of vim ) and having my fingers on hjkl and not having to move my hand whenever I have to move around with the arrow keys ( when switching to a program withough vim-like behaveour) is fantastic :-)

All in all: FANTASTIC keyboard


Comment Re:Tailgating (Score 1) 525

"I can tell you that, by *FAR*, the best highways are in France and in Catalunya"

And both of them are mostly toll-based and, at least in the Catalonian case, newer than average (I'd say it has more to do with the fact of being newer than being toll-based. My guest: A2 Zaragoza-Barcelona: toll based but older, therefore subpar. And lucky we are that most of the way is just a long straight, so not much of a problem).

I wasn't doing distinction between toll-based and not toll-based. As per your example...

1 - You are including the part that is not in Catalunya... Barcelona - Lleida is pretty good
2 - I am talking in general, not an specific case.

PS:if you go the way of examples... get the oldest (toll-based) highway in Spain: Badalona-Matarà (1969) and is a very good one:-)

Comment Re:Tailgating (Score 1) 525

"German driving laws are tough. But they have some of the best roads and drivers in the world."

I have driven cars and motorbikes in different countries and continents: US: (California, Nevada, Washington, New Mexico, Texas, Minessota, Kansas...) , Canada (from Vancouver to Toronto and thourout Quebec), Mexico, UK: from Brighton to Edinburg in Scotland, Spain: Malaga, Madrid, Valencia, Zaragoza San Sebastian, Barcelona..., France: across the south,east and north, Italy: all around the north until Rome, Austria: west, Switzerland: throughout the whole country, Germany: throughout the whole country, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Poland, Japan....

I can tell you that, by *FAR*, the best highways are in France and in Catalunya (north east of Spain) getting to a close second place.

German highways are ok, but not as good as in other countries (although I have to admin that for USA standards they look pretty dammed good)

Comment Question... -- ? (Score 1) 215

After years of using command line programs daily I never heard of -- before today. It was never brought up in school, nor did I see any specific thread / blog post on the subject. So to answer your question, I don't. I've never heard about that before. Where did you learn about that ?

man bash:
"-- A -- signals the end of options and disables further option processing. Any arguments after the -- are treated as filenames and arguments."

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