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Comment Re:WhatsApp? (Score 1) 188

Even with the use of *extremely* you are short at describing how popular whatsapp is around Europe.

I am from Spain, living in Germany and visiting The Netherlands and France every two weeks ( for work and for my girlfriend) and I can assure you that whatsapp is *THE* thing around here.

People look at you like if you were from another planet if you tell them that you don't use Whatsapp.

Comment Re:You are underestimating it (Score 1) 743

Greece is a warning to France or even spain, italy and other of the eurozone with ramping up debt : get your table cleaned or it might get burn down as a sanitisation process by others.

Spain must be doing something well as they advanced payments of their debt twice already (which the country is supposed to start paying back in 2022...) . Check here and here

Even though the Spanish public debt is still increasing ( 1-2% this year) all the indicators point to a recovery in Spanish economy and we can expect a start of reduction on the public debt by 2017

"The debt ratio will climb to 100.3% of GDP in 2015 and 101.5% a year after, before dropping to 98.5% in 2017. " extracted from here

Comment KBT Poker 2 (Score 1) 452

I bought this keyboard last summer and I am so damned happy about it.

- It's very compact: no FX raw, no numpad, no arrow keys.
- Mechanical
- Backlit
- Macros (up to 14 characters IIRC)

Something that it really annoyed me at first but afterwards I have realized that is a very intelligent decision: the location of the "arrow keys" on the left side of the keyboard. I am an avid vim short cuts user ( vimperator extension on my Firefox, kwrite/kate with vi-compatibility, heavy user of vim ) and having my fingers on hjkl and not having to move my hand whenever I have to move around with the arrow keys ( when switching to a program withough vim-like behaveour) is fantastic :-)

All in all: FANTASTIC keyboard


Comment Re:Tailgating (Score 1) 525

"I can tell you that, by *FAR*, the best highways are in France and in Catalunya"

And both of them are mostly toll-based and, at least in the Catalonian case, newer than average (I'd say it has more to do with the fact of being newer than being toll-based. My guest: A2 Zaragoza-Barcelona: toll based but older, therefore subpar. And lucky we are that most of the way is just a long straight, so not much of a problem).

I wasn't doing distinction between toll-based and not toll-based. As per your example...

1 - You are including the part that is not in Catalunya... Barcelona - Lleida is pretty good
2 - I am talking in general, not an specific case.

PS:if you go the way of examples... get the oldest (toll-based) highway in Spain: Badalona-Matarà (1969) and is a very good one:-)

Comment Re:Tailgating (Score 1) 525

"German driving laws are tough. But they have some of the best roads and drivers in the world."

I have driven cars and motorbikes in different countries and continents: US: (California, Nevada, Washington, New Mexico, Texas, Minessota, Kansas...) , Canada (from Vancouver to Toronto and thourout Quebec), Mexico, UK: from Brighton to Edinburg in Scotland, Spain: Malaga, Madrid, Valencia, Zaragoza San Sebastian, Barcelona..., France: across the south,east and north, Italy: all around the north until Rome, Austria: west, Switzerland: throughout the whole country, Germany: throughout the whole country, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Poland, Japan....

I can tell you that, by *FAR*, the best highways are in France and in Catalunya (north east of Spain) getting to a close second place.

German highways are ok, but not as good as in other countries (although I have to admin that for USA standards they look pretty dammed good)

Comment Question... -- ? (Score 1) 215

After years of using command line programs daily I never heard of -- before today. It was never brought up in school, nor did I see any specific thread / blog post on the subject. So to answer your question, I don't. I've never heard about that before. Where did you learn about that ?

man bash:
"-- A -- signals the end of options and disables further option processing. Any arguments after the -- are treated as filenames and arguments."

Comment Re:Kindle - publishers can allow lending (Score 1) 581

I remember buying a Kindle ebook. I remember wanting to read it on my computer. And I remember not being able to read it (unless without some tricks).

That's when I decided I wouldn't be buying any Kindle ebook again. If the same happens with Xbox I'm sure I won't be buying one

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