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Comment Re:New projects are even more misguided than the o (Score 1) 58

Current systems are more than capable of doing NLP and voice recognition locally. Even if you go with generic ANN approach for recognition you don't need exotic hardware to use a trained network. Granted all of this requires specialized skills but far from unreasonable.

Since you seem to know the basics of ANN-based AI but not the details, check this article out to get into the current decade, it's a good overview of how much resources it really takes to do ANN right:

Summary is: sure you can do really crappy NLP locally, but what Google has started doing is at another level entirely. And that's not even at the level that will be required to really get "intelligent agents" to be truly useful. The limiting factor to ANN right now is computing power (and/or much more special purpose hardware). That's the reason it was nearly abandoned 20 years ago and revived recently - it was impossible with the previous concepts of "supercomputers", etc and now only with massively distributed computing has it been possible to actually simulate the multilevel networks required.

Comment Re:What complete nonsense (Score 1) 287

Of course they have real value. If you buy one for $10k you may only be able to sell it for $3k, but that's still REAL value. And that really just means the "value" was $3K and you paid too much originally.

I don't disagree that the diamond industry is a complete and utter scam, but like many luxuries, art, etc value is what the market decides it is.

Comment Re:New projects are even more misguided than the o (Score 0) 58

Free phone OS is firefox OS, ubuntu phone

No, RTFA. They are creating a new one (Replicant) based on Android. Firefox OS is a joke.

For flash there's html5

That doesn't even make sense. Sure, apps are moving to HTML5, but that has nothing to do with FSF, it just means FSF priorities in 2008 were ultimately wrong.

Decentralization is ownCloud.

Wha? Really?? That's just a lame alternative to other cloud file storage service that no one actually uses. It doesn't remotely touch anything Facebook, Apple or Google really do.

Comment New projects are even more misguided than the old? (Score 5, Interesting) 58

I looked at the projects from 2008, and AFAIK none of them have really made much progress or are already dead. Gnash, really? Luckily for everyone (except Adobe) Flash is in it's death knell in 2017. Coreboot is a great concept (I have used LinuxBIOS in a couple of projects) but ultimately doomed because firmware/BIOS is intimately tied to hardware - it will be great for hobby projects but by definition never be useful for mainstream PCs. And so it goes down the list...

And the 2017 list... Free smartphone OS basically seems to be "free Android" - I'm sure it will be about as successful at the 2008 goal with "gNewSense". FSF personal assistant? Could it be possible they don't understand how these work? It's trivial client software with billions of dollars in server hardware behind it. And seriously, "projects that replace Google, Facebook Apple, and so on"? Again, you don't replace those unless you have billions in backend investment and billions of users.

I commend them on finally trying to address the totally dysfunctional open source community in terms of female and minority inclusion, but they still need to prioritize actual useful *projects*, not just processes...

Comment Re:I'm ok with this... (Score 2) 324

Maybe if we take away all their benefits of being part of the US, they'll start giving a shit and living up to some of their responsibilities. I know, it's a concept conservatives can't understand... that with rights and benefits come responsibilities... but too fucking bad. Maybe it's time for the conservative little bitches to grow up.

Comment Re:All about the fight (Score 1, Insightful) 324

You are a fucking idiot. The problem is people like you who have no fucking clue about reality, but seem to think your worthless fucked in the head opinion means something. The problem with the right is their base is the most gullible, uneducated, self serving, anti-American, anti-Christian pieces of shit around.... and their politicians are all lying sacks of shit.

Comment Re: WY is a good place to be from (Score 4, Insightful) 324

Might try comparing say... California... to shitholes like Kansas, idiot. Red states are predominantly leeches on blue states, and they still rank the shittiest states on pretty much any quality of living/prepping for the future index. I do understand though, fucking idiots like you can't be bothered with reality.

Comment Re:Ah, yes. (Score 3, Informative) 324

Sure, lets end those subsidies... then end all the oil and gas subsidies, then go reclaim the past 110 years of subsidies we gave to oil companies. The author isn't speaking his mind... he's too fucking stupid to have a mind, and he's put on a pedestal for being a fucking idiot by other fucking idiots like you.

Comment Re:Huh (Score 1, Interesting) 324

That's easy... they're made up of complete fucking morons like you. You fucking "small government" conservatives are all about making government small by destroying it, along with the country, for no other reason than your one true god - money. Fucking fascist hypocritical pieces of shit is what the GOP is.

Comment Re:It's a start! (Score 1) 213

I am very pro H1B and I agree with most of these.

1) The key point: Silicon Valley companies are paying 6 figures out of college for top talent. So for someone to be worth importing (and I believe many are), obviously $100k should be a minimum.

2) Paying a 10% tax? Maybe for 1 year, since it costs at least $10k to hire someone (probably also from out of the country, but at least they are putting their money where their mouth is when claiming there are no equivalent candidates (which I believe is often true!).

3) Bidding? The problem is if you limit the VISAs it just turns it into an oligopoly where Google, etc steals all of the top-top talent and no one even gets the rest. Bidding only works if you open it up to the full free market, someone needs to get the 2nd round draft pick who eventually kicks everyone's ass.

4 - or 3.2?!?) Cardiac surgeons. Yes! That's the exact problem. There is NO shortage of cardiac surgeons. There are 5x more medical residents that could be cardiac surgeons than get the chance. The problem is we make them all feel like professional and financial failures because they don't become cardiac surgeons...

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