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Energy Star Program For Homes And Appliances Is On Trump's Chopping Block ( 270

Appliance manufacturers and home builders are in Washington, D.C., today to celebrate a popular energy efficiency program, even as it's slated for elimination in President Trump's proposed budget. NPR adds: You probably know the program's little blue label with the star -- the Environmental Protection Agency says 90 percent of U.S. households do. [...] The 25-year-old Energy Star program appears to be targeted simply because it's run by the federal government. It's one of 50 EPA programs that would be axed under Trump's budget plan, which would shrink the agency's funding by more than 30 percent. Critics of Energy Star say the government should get involved in the marketplace only when absolutely necessary. But that argument doesn't hold sway for the program's legions of supporters, which span nonprofits, companies and trade groups.

CIA, FBI Launch Manhunt For WikiLeaks Source ( 199

An anonymous reader quotes CBS: CBS News has learned that a manhunt is underway for a traitor inside the Central Intelligence Agency. The CIA and FBI are conducting a joint investigation into one of the worst security breaches in CIA history, which exposed thousands of top-secret documents that described CIA tools used to penetrate smartphones, smart televisions and computer systems. Sources familiar with the investigation say it is looking for an insider -- either a CIA employee or contractor -- who had physical access to the material... Much of the material was classified and stored in a highly secure section of the intelligence agency, but sources say hundreds of people would have had access to the material. Investigators are going through those names.
Homeland security expert Michael Greenberger told one CBS station that "My best guest is that when this is all said and done we're going to find out that this was done by a contractor, not by an employee of the CIA."

Comment Re:Good luck with that! (Score 1) 132

I've never been in the armed services....

Clearly. Don't worry though because you've obviously got enough company (of people who don't know dick about the military) to vote your comment up.

Orders in the military are followed; you don't get an opinion about it. The reason is that, unlike most professions, that next order may place you in mortal danger. Refusing to follow orders will get you disciplined.... you don't get to pick and choose.

Comment Re:He is an idiot... (Score 4, Insightful) 307

....and why the Federal government was meant to be extremely weak domestically, and States and local governments were intended to do nearly all domestic governing.

No. Anyone who still believes this stupid crap needs to go back to 9th grade and take US History again. The Constitution was written because the confederacy of states was exactly what you describe... weak federal, strong state.... and it took less than 10 years for pretty much everyone to see it was a complete fucking disaster. The Constitution was written specifically to empower a strong federal government.

What we see in the US today is largely the result of too much domestic power in the hands of the central government.

What we see currently in the US is the federal government being infiltrated by conservatives who are actively trying to destroy the country from within. It's been happening on steroids since 1994. These "states rights" faux populists only care about being in power, and punishing enough of those "other people" to keep their uneducated base backing them.

During the Revolutionary War, the conservatives backed mother England, during the Civil War they tried to rip the United States apart through secession, now they're intentionally destroying the ability of the government to do anything. Conservatives like you have been the enemy of this country since before it was founded.

The Military

Air Force Converts F-16 Jets Into Wingman Drones ( 152

New submitter Zmobie writes: In a new program, the U.S. Air Force has converted and tested F-16 planes as drones that are able to fly with complex mission parameters. The program is designed to use retiring F-16 jets to act as autonomous "loyal wingman" for manned F-35 jets and fly their own strike missions. Business Insider reports: "The U.S. has used F-16 drones before as realistic targets for the F-35 to blow up in training, but on Monday it announced fully autonomous air-to-air and ground strike capabilities as a new capability thanks to joint research between the service and Lockheed Martin's legendary Skunkworks. [...] But having F-16 drones plan and fly their own missions is only part of a much larger picture. The future of the U.S. Air Force may well depend on advanced platforms like F-35s commanding fleets of unmanned drones which can act as additional ears, eyes, and shooters in the sky during battles." Further reading: TechCrunch, Popular Mechanics, Engadget

Comment Re:Yeah, well... (Score 1) 903

Is the F35 orders of magnitude more effective than the competition?

Competing against a plane that flies in the rain, or at night, or in combat.... no. Competing against a maelstrom of waste the likes has never been seen before in military spending EVER, ANYWHERE.... yeh, it's definitely more effective than anything else has ever been at being a complete fucking waste of money.

Comment Re:Populist Call (Score 1) 903

And the majority of the revenue for those comes from taxes specifically laid to collect revenue for those.

And regardless of how you or anyone else feels about it, we spend far more money on the illusion of defense than we should.... by a vast amount. In 2015 the military ate up 54% of our discretionary spending. https://www.nationalpriorities...

And where did it all go? Well, we can't actually say because the DoD hasn't completed an audit since 1990. THAT is how fucked up they are at handling money.

Comment Re:Taxes are for dummies (Score 4, Insightful) 903

It also ignores that most of that 47% is military personnel, retirees, and people on disability.

What they also don't seem to remember is, the majority of that 47% vote republican.... they're just too stupid to know Romney was talking about them.

A map put out by the Tax Foundation of the 10 states with the highest and lowest percentage of filers with no federal tax liability shows that the states with the highest percentage of non-filers are, by-and-large, states that typically vote Republican, while the 10 states with the lowest percentage of non-filers tend to be Democratic-leaning.

So it's the same old story... democrats pay taxes, and republicans leach off democrats.


Musk Trolls Shorts as Tesla's Value Hits Record, Passes Ford ( 251

Tesla's Elon Musk poked fun at short sellers as his electric-car maker's stock surged to a record, vaulting its market value past century-old rival Ford. From a report on Bloomberg: "Stormy weather in Shortville..." the chief executive officer tweeted Monday, as Tesla shares climbed as much as 5.8 percent. The maker of Model S sedans and Model X crossovers saw its capitalization surge to about $48.2 billion, $3.1 billion more than Ford, the No. 2 automaker in the U.S. after General Motors Co. Tesla has long been a popular target by short sellers such as Jim Chanos, who famously bet early on energy company Enron's failure -- and was proved right. Short interest in Tesla has risen to 29 percent of its free float from a 52-week low of 20 percent in mid-October, according to Markit data. Tesla's move past Ford came one day after Musk's company reported worldwide shipments of 25,000 cars and SUVs in the first quarter, exceeding analysts' estimates. While Ford delivered about nine times as many vehicles in just the U.S. last month, its sales missed projections and the shares fell.

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