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Comment Re:SubjectIsSubject (Score 1) 84

Yeah, I figured... it's just that they do have them. I've bought 2 so far, I've seen them in stock more times than that, and Pimoroni are even reporting available stock right now (although it's of one of their rip-off bundles). They're certainly selling out fast, and there was that months-long period where they didn't bother making any (because they thought it'd be a great idea to release the Pi3 at the same time, and/or because they were waiting for more of the BCM2835 chips to be fabbed) but it's not like they're completely unavailable.

Comment Re:Bandwidth? (Score 1) 84

They have no wifi either. And if you're going to buy a USB thing for network access, why not get a USB Ethernet adaptor instead of a USB wifi adaptor? You have to run a cable out anyway for power, so why bother with wifi at all?

("Because power outlets are more common than Ethernet ports", I suppose, but I don't really have a good answer to the actual question. I'd be wary of using wifi if your goal is an always-on video stream, since all wifi devices share bandwidth on the channel. If you're only doing one image per second and/or only streaming when someone's actively looking at the camera, then it becomes a bit more feasible though.)

Comment Re:because diets focus on the wrong things (Score 4, Insightful) 381

The food supply is being drugged to increase profits.

This, I think, is critically important. And it's not just sugar, either.

If I'm a company that makes food, and it was possible to alter my food in some way to make it sell better -- by making it more attractive or addictive or harder to resist, or as the summary suggests, make it interfere with the brain's weight regulation controls -- then wouldn't I do that? If I can encourage or manipulate people (or their brains/bodies) to stuff themselves silly on my food, won't I sell more if I do? I don't even need to know the precise effect of my changes. If I change something, and the product sells better, who knows or even cares whether it's because the change made the food better, or whether it just made it more addictive? The sales numbers will be up either way.

Anybody that thinks that the companies we buy our food from aren't already doing this is being silly. They have entire research departments dedicated to it.

Comment Re:Add-ons? (Score 1) 471

Argh. Yes. I've even outright said "it should be possible to disable by putting a file into the Firefox program folder, since the only people with access to that also have access to replace the Firefox binary" and yet still got "but we can't add a pref because malware can write to your profile folder" in response. Sometimes by the very same people that also tell me that they aren't trying to do anything against malware with admin rights.

Comment Re:What's good about GPL? (Score 1) 208

Nope, it's not. You need to consider the consequences of the licenses too. "You have the ability to place restrictions on other people" means, in practice, that other people will place restrictions on you. (Remember that there's a lot more of them than there are of you.)

Seems to me that having more restrictions placed on you makes you less free.

Comment Re:Dear asshole utopians who hate NAT (Score 1) 294

Not infinitely nested NATs. Just one level of nesting is usually needed.

Good luck with that when your ISP puts you behind NAT, or when their ISP puts them behind NAT.

Without NAT, our corporate and government overlords will know exactly which computer each packet is going to

Please look up privacy extensions. They've only been mentioned in the comments of every single Slashdot article that mentions IPv6.

Comment Re:Fuck You! (Score 3, Insightful) 294

Those are all excuses. None of that stuff needs to be touched to deploy v6. Deploying v6 won't make any of it work worse than it currently is. You don't need to upgrade all your DOCSIS1/2 modems to get v6 to the DOCSIS3 modems.

Also if you're an ISP that's been buying hardware in the past half a decade that's not v6 capable, then you screwed up -- or if your hardware is much older than that, then you're probably looking towards a replacement soon anyway.

Comment Re:Web-scale breach (Score 1) 96

Not NATing is sensible. Not firewalling your unpassworded database? Not so much.

In the (slight) defense of people running these servers, the article points out that MongoDB's default configuration used to be to accept connections from the internet. They've changed that, but upgrading uses your old config file so you won't get the new defaults automatically.

But still, this is something you should be checking for.

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