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Comment Re:BIND??? SENDMAIL??? (Score 1) 77

FreeBSD 10.x comes with unbound instead of bind, however this change is likely not done in the 9.x series because it would be a large change that would go against POLA (the principle of least astonishment). FreeBSD tries to keep binary compatibility and a consistent base system throughout a Release-Branch.

This basically means 9.x and lower will stick with BIND whereas from 10.x onward the base system will come with unbound instead. Also i seem to recall there are efforts underway to replace the basesystem sendmail as well.


DHS Best-and-Brightest STEM Program Under Fire 108

theodp writes "In mid-May, the Department of Homeland Security quietly expanded a program that allows foreign science, technology, engineering and math grads to work in the U.S. for 29 months without a work visa. 'Attracting the best and brightest international talent to our colleges and universities and enabling them to contribute to their professional growth is an important part of our nation's economic, scientific and technological competitiveness,' explained DHS Chief Janet Napolitano. But last week, Senator Chuck Grassley called on the GAO to 'fully investigate' the student visa program, citing reports of abuse and other concerns in his letter. Now, Computerworld reports that the DHS STEM Visa Extension Program continues to be dominated by Stratford University and the University of Bridgeport (as it was in 2010), prompting some tongues to wag. It is 'obvious to any reasonable person that the schools producing most of the OPT students are not prestigious research universities,' quipped policy analyst Daniel Costa, 'which means that many of the OPT students across the country are not in fact the "best and brightest."' While conceding that top students can come from lesser-known schools, 'those will be the exception to the rule,' argued Costa, who suggested the government should include performance metrics in the OPT program, such as grades and university rankings."

Comment A much bigger advantage ... (Score 2, Insightful) 383

What amazes me the most is how practically everybody looks at this from the "when it crashes" point of view, when to me personally the biggest advantage to all of this is that one can actually have 40+ tabs open and having the system need Only swap in the Current Tab instead of every single tab all at once after an extended period of browser inactivity (likely causing the system to swap out the currently single browser process).

I know people will say RAM is cheap and all that ... but still why should the system worry about swapping back in all 40+ open tabs when i am really only interested in the currently active one. Let it worry about swapping in another when i want it.

Operating Systems

Submission + - DragonFly BSD to develop own filesystem

An anonymous reader writes: Matt Dillon has decided to develop a new filesystem from scratch to support DragonFly's clustering, rather than port an existing one. From his post: "There are currently two rough spots in the design. First, how to handle segment overflows in a multi-master environment. Such overflows can occur when the individual masters or slaves have different historical data retention policies. Second, where to store the regeneratable indexes."

Submission + - QEMU Accelerator driver GPL'ed

Jack writes: This driver, aka KQEMU, provides near-native performance when the guest and host architectures are identical (emulation of x86 guest on x86 host for instance). Without it the guest system remains desperately slow under QEMU.
While QEMU has always been open source, providing a free alternative to VMWare, KQEMU was previously distributed separately under a proprietary license. It is now available under the GPL version 2.
The announce on the developer's site is rather laconic and does not mention any specific reason for this change, but the recently discussed release of an open source edition of VirtualBox (which lacks important features, notably USB support and shared folders) may well have been an incentive to it.

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