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Comment Re:We've only got ourselves to blame (Score 1) 381

Its much, much simpler than that. In America, if you don't work the bullshit hours that middle management expects, then you will never get a bonus or a promotion no matter how good your work is. Instead, you'll earn yourself a spot on the top of the list of people to be outsourced. The reality is, no one in middle management really gives a shit about how good your work is, its all about kissing ass and showing upper management that they can squeeze every drop of blood from their employees. Its easier to work everyone like slaves than to actually hire competent people and train them properly to do a good job in a timely manner. Even if you do have a good team that can routinely meets deadlines, middle management will only see an opportunity to exploit all of you in order to score points with upper management and squeeze the deadlines tighter and tighter.

Comment Previous generations (Score 1) 840

Wasn't it the previous generations that decided that replaceable parts were too expensive? I'm only 32, so I'm pretty sure that it wasn't my generation that started manufacturing everything in a way that makes it cheaper to simply replace the entire unit rather than custom ordering replacement parts...

Comment Fuck TiVo (Score 1) 50

I used to have a TiVo, and I loved it. Then for various reasons I had to cancel my subscription. TiVo took it upon themselves to double charge me the cancellation fee. When they refunded my money, they withheld around $10 or so and claimed it was for taxes or something.

I didn't really care about the $10, it was about the principle of the matter. If you make a mistake and double charge me, you should give me back exactly what you took by accident, including any measly taxes. Instead the person I spoke to on the phone was incredibly rude to me and as a result TiVo lost a customer for life.

Comment Re:Here's an idea... (Score 1) 394

You still didn't really address the question. Reminds me of that stupid joke where a guy says to the doctor "it hurts when I do this" and the doctor responds "then stop doing that". And congratulations on finding a way to insult Americans at the same time, it certainly doesn't make you come across as a douche...

Comment Re:They have to take what they can get. (Score 1) 593

I'd like to see figures regarding the available labor pool. Google's workforce is 17% female. What percentage of job applicants at Google were female? Google's workforce is 1% black. What percentage of applicants were black?

Precisely. These numbers are completely meaningless without data on what percentage of applicants are female, black, white, male, etc.

Comment Less money from tickets (Score 1) 626

Less money from tickets mean less money for toys like tanks, drones, GPS trackers, microwave based crowd dispersion devices, etc.

It also means more cops actually doing useful things like preventing/solving crimes, directing traffic around accidents and broken lights, etc. You know, actually being a benefit to society for a change.

Comment Re:Always videos :( (Score 1) 293

Text is almost always better, but even when a video is useful people almost always do it wrong. Instructional videos on YouTube are the worst. People always feel the need to yammer on and plug other crap for 90% of the video before finally getting to the point.

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