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Comment Re:As a private pilot... (Score 1) 66

I'm not a pilot. My argument against them, when I grew out of my teen fantasy world, was always "What the hell am I going to do 1000 feet in the air when my gas runs out?" The failure mode of a car is pull it to the side of the road and put your hazard lights on. The failure mode to a flying car is to crash it into the ground. This of course convinces absolutely no one who was enthusiastic about the idea that you should, for the sake of safety, avoid crossing underneath skyways.

Comment Re:At the end of the day (Score 1) 387

I like apple products. I have an iPad and iPod touch. Nothing about these products is particularly innovative. There were brick smartphones before iPhone. There were app stores before iPhone. Multitouch existed in the 70's. Icon in grid layout is ANCIENT. What, exactly, is innovative and non-obvious about it? Nothing. It is the natural extension of what was _already_ coming on to the phone market. Heck, their notification center is pretty much a copy of android. Why did they copy it? because it makes sense as a UI. I am all for protecting innovators, but I fail to see any legitimate innovation.

Comment Re:Fairly well known issue (Score 1) 567

4 performances a week works out to a grand. say you work for 40 weeks a year, that is 40k. 40k a year is a decent income, but not lavish. certainly livable, and I bet if you worked on promotional stuff as a group, you could steadily increase that to a stable middle class lifestyle, selling mp3's profitably to supplement touring and merchandise. Could you make more as a trucker being on the road that often? Yes. Is it possible to make more than a trucker could dream of with enough interest? Absolutely.

Comment Re:Not breaking any laws (Score 1) 502

The big bang isn't about the creation of the universe. Big bang theory comes _after_ that, and discusses what happens after all the energy in the universe is "created". Other theories may or may not tackle creation in a testable manner, but the big bang does not address creation.

Comment Re:More time? (Score 2) 294

Alas, it is too late for gnome to do anything in the tablet or hand held space. The market is huge, but the OS and stacks are well defined. If you doubt this, look no further than how windows phone 7, meego, RIM or webOS have done in the market. Gnome is never going to crack this nut. Anyone who believes it can is delusional.

Considering Red Hat and Novell are the employers of the developers and designers, I wonder how they convinced the Server OS vendors that a tablet interface was good FOR A SERVER. It just doesn't make any sense. Whoever manages these teams for either of those companies should be fired. They are clearly incompetent at explaining why the designer is confused about what pays his/her salary. What sort of workflow FOR A SERVER favors a single app per workspace?

As far a forking, there are plenty of DE that already have developers. Gnome isn't worth saving it from itself.

Comment Re:KDE (Score 1) 294

He also says touch is the most important outstanding feature. How they can say gnome 3 isn't a tablet UI with a straight face is beyond me. I just love that they decided to fork and drop the desktop portion of their desktop environment and expect people not to call them out on it.

Comment Re:Extremely Aerogant (Score 0, Flamebait) 181

I disagree. Canonical has always been and always will be a leech. They work poorly with upstream. They happily gobble up the communities efforts and wall off their additions. They are a bottom feeder, even if they are popular. They were right to be criticized by Debian, Greg Kroah Hartman and now Gnome. The fight with Gnome is illustrative of their mindset. Refuse to be part of the community, then lament the community is closed off to them. It boggles the mind how much wind power their hand waving has generated. The best thing for the community is for shuttleworth to pack up his toys and go home like the spoiled man-child he is.

Comment Re:Not a mini big bang... (Score 2, Informative) 570

[blockquote]The 'big bang []' was the event that created all mass, space, and time in the entire universe in a single instant approximately 13.7 billion years ago.[/blockquote]

The big bang doesn't talk about the creation event. It discusses the expansion following soon after that event, and only somewhat reliably at the planck epoch. The big bang did not create matter, energy or time either. These were all firmly in place by during the period this theory takes place. While their may be theories floating around about the actual creation event, none are more than idle speculation.

Comment How about device support? (Score 1) 864

While android *might* be fragmented, Apples own IOS updates proceeds to make my 2nd gen iPod touch into a flakier piece of shit with every release. If anything has convinced me to find alternatives to apples products, it is my own experience with their user hostile decisions.

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