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Comment Re: Probably Can't Do That (Score 4, Informative) 246

It seems from reading the actual article that this applies only to registered sex offenders who are on parole. Parole is basically serving your prison time on the street in exchange for the offender giving up various freedoms. Most parole agreements require absolute sobriety, curfews, travel restrictions, and parole officers can add pretty much whatever arbitrary restrictions the deem fit. On parole/probation/extended supervision you are not a free citizen, you are a ward of the state, your rights are severely restricted. So I doubt they will have any trouble banning people on supervision from playing these games, they can already forbid Internet access and things like that. It doesn't even take the governor, any parole officer could have done this himself but writing a single sentence on a rules agreement. The gray area comes if the rule persists past parole, as it's possible to be a registered sex offender but no longer be in department of corrections custody. The article is not clear on whether or not that's the case, and I am not sure what exactly is required to restrict the rights of a free citizen on the sex offender registry. Perhaps it could becovered under already existing rules restricting contact with children.

Comment Re: My brain hurts (Score 1) 183

I couldn't find any numbers, but are the Formula E cars really better aerodynamically than you standard electric commuter car? I know they put a ton of work in to making the Fe cars slippery, but they are still open wheel cars with downforce generating appendages. Now Formula E cars have all kinds of neat underbody aero that gets a ton of downforce for very little drag and looking at the pictures the wings seem to be trimmed out to almost negative angles like an Indycar at the 500, and there are shrouds in front of the wheels, which classically care the biggest source of drag on a formula car.

I'm not saying you're wrong, because although I'm a huge motorsport fan, my understanding of aerodynamics is very basic, and I couldn't find a simple drag coefficient for a Formula E car in race trim. An F1 cars drag coefficient hovers around 1.00 depending on the track and most passenger cars are less than .40, with the really slippery ones being mid .20s. While I am sure Formula E cars generate far less drag than a Formula One car, I'm thinking gearing has far more to do with speed than aero when it comes to Formula E vs electric passenger car.

Comment Re: Confused (Score 2) 141

I enjoy messing around with stuff like this so I'd personally look at it as a bug rather than a feature, but people like me are going to buy something else. As crazy as it may seem, there may be people that purchased this because it is what they wanted, a locked down Windows device. One example I can think of would be the various luxury goods that with tablets pre-installed with software for control and configuration of said item. Many of these are very low volume goods and the manufacturers commonly use off the shelf electronics. The point I'm trying to make is that this is a product sold to the same people who complained when the paperclip went away in Word. It's simply a patch to restore advertised functionality, not on my freedom to compute. I will do that with onew of the many capable devices, which despite the sky falling for years, show no sign of disappearing.

Comment Re:Confused (Score 3, Insightful) 141

Because a security hole a benevolent Linux hacker can exploit to allow you to install an operating system of your choice could also serve as an attack vector for those with not-so-good intentions. How big of a security risk that poses to the user? I have no clue, but it's the reason I wouldn't trust any hacked version of a locked down device over a proper general purpose device.

Comment Re:Sharing is a business now? (Score 1) 103

<quote><p>No one I know has ever paid money for pirated media. That's kind of the entire point. What is this drivel about business models?</p></quote>

I don't know how big a thing it is anymore, but selling pirated DVDs was a pretty big thing in lower class communities. Usually they'd have a binder with discs and inkjet printed sleeves you could choose from. I've seen it at quite a few swap meets too where there will be a stand selling pirated media, some of these much more elaborate, in cases with counterfeit inserts, sometimes even a sticker on the disc or Lightscribe. I guarantee it's still probably a pretty common hustle among parolees, as it's viewed as more "legit", your average big city parole officer is not going to give a flying fuck about pirated DVDs.

I can't speak to how common it is in 2016 as I'm about a decade removed from that scene, maybe iTunes stamps on Obama phones have eliminated this practice, but I highly doubt it. The person you would want to ask would be your neighborhood drug dealer, his brothers layin low on them papers, stayin outta the game for a bit, but he's got that latest Coo Coo Cal mixtape for you.

Submission + - SPAM: C++17 standard now feature complete

need4speed writes: The C++17 standard is now feature complete, but there is more work to be done, specifically around features that were put off and are destined to be implemented as compiler add-ons.

“C++17 evolves the standard further, the tools for standardization have matured and are working,” Jens Weller, a C++ evangelist wrote. “Probably the biggest gain for C++. Those who would like to add certain features to the next C++ Standard (a.k.a. C++NEXT/C++20), should now start to make their plans.”

Right now, one of the biggest additions to the language is [spam URL stripped], which is like a type-safe union implementation. In the future, this addition can be used to build pattern matching.

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Comment Re:I'll own up to it...I throw them away (Score 1) 473

I'm sure you have a bank account, so why don't you take your change there instead of dropping it in the Coinstar machine and letting them rape you? I know it's "only" 8.5% (at least in my area), but with a decent amount of change that can really add up, and most banks will count change free for account holders in my experience.

Comment Re:Maybe... (Score 4, Funny) 249

You are wrong. One's Slashdot UID is the sole determiner of technical proficiency, age, penis size, and validity of opinion, .

For example, I have mastered HTML and gaining proficiency in Visual Basic 6. I am 12 years old and my penis is large enough not to be considered a micropenis by only a few millimeters. Of course, at my level of Slashdot inexperience, my words should be taken with a grain of salt.

A person like Xtifr however, he received a blowjob for Ada Lovelace and can speak machine code in to a processor and hear the results coming out of the other end. He is older than most trees, and has the Unix beard to prove it. If he ever manages to get his elderly penis erect, we have solved our space elevator problem. Every word he speaks is handed down to Moses on stone tablets and entered in to Slashdot with care.

Comment Re:Snorting alcohol (Score 1) 172

Far better than stuffing it in your vagina and/or asshole.

Note: Probably not true, but I could see more than a few people trying it after the media hype.

Some people even tried Jenkem for real after it hit the airwaves.

Comment Re:Great (Score 1) 172

Well said. By the time someone starts getting up to between 500mg and a gram they will feel so shitty they won't want to consume any more. It's not like cocaine or speed where there's actually euphoria driving the urge to dose forwards. Sure someone with heart problems will be in trouble with a high dose, just as a diabetic would be if he spent a whole day binging on Little Debbies. Maybe pure sugar should only be available to licensed labs.

The person above who said snorting a line of caffeine the size of an average line of cocaine would kill you obviously needs to either get himself a better coke dealer, or stop commenting on things they know nothing about other than what they've seen in movies. A non tolerant healthy person with some good coke would get good and high off a 50mg line, about half the 100 mg of caffeine that is found in a cup of coffee. I can't imagine the bioavailability of caffeine snorted would be so much higher than taking it orally that it would feel any different. If that same person snorted the entire gram in one go he could very likely end up in the hospital or worse, whereas a gram of caffeine would probably have him on the couch feeling like shit with an elevated heart rate, wishing he never did that shit, but would otherwise be just fine.

Comment Re:Adobe complaining about bloat? (Score 1) 477

You're right, and this is an area that I wish developers would pay a lot more attention too. It seems a lot of projects figure that the user will reboot or close the program eventually, so no point in chasing down memory leaks unless they are particularly egregious. I understand that memory management is hard and all of the usual excuses, but it doesn't fly in server software, and it shouldn't on the desktop either. Fortunately, none of the programs I commonly run leak a ton of memory, and it sucks for people who have to depend on software that does, because that shouldn't be the case and it really is a solved problem these days.

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