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Comment People's Technology Comfort Level (Score 1) 310

As I was writing the root post, I realized that I'm in something of the minority in terms of technical skills.

I suspect that people would use the GPS in their cars if they were more comfortable with using the electronics in the car including being able to connect the car to their phones via Bluetooth. Most non-/.ers generally get the dealership to do it when they take delivery and if there's a problem later or they change their phones, they do without. How many people do you see with earbuds in while driving or holding their phones in speaker mode up to their faces?

I tried to find a solid number on the number of people that have their phones paired to their cars and it seems to be something less than 10%. If people don't have the skills to pair their phone with their car, why would anybody expect them to use GPS?

Could this article be written by somebody who has no problems with technology and is surprised by the vast majority that do have problems?

Comment Been using GPS for 5+ Years/Never go without (Score 4, Informative) 310

Maybe I've been lucky with GPSes (GPI?) in cars but I find them to be really invaluable. Just for the record, I'm talking about a Toyota Prius Navigation (touch screen) and the Audi MMI Navigation Plus (input wheel that you can draw characters on). Both have voice input.

Interesting seeing the comments about update prices. For Toyota, I was quoted $3k CAN but the dealer could find it on a thumb drive and then it was free. Audi updates are free as part of regular maintenance. The Toyota maps, even though they were apparently updated to the current date never had a number of streets that were between five and ten years old. The Audi maps have streets that haven't been finished yet.

TFA discusses Android Auto and Apple CarPlay and neither work in the Prius. Android Auto is not available on the Audi and CarPlay sucks. I would love to plan out my route at home and then download the directions into the car.

Regardless, I find that when I'm on the road (a lot right now as I'm doing a startup), the GPS in the car is invaluable and I don't have to look down at my phone (which is a big fine/points here in Ontario) and I would recommend it for everybody.

Comment The Gang that Couldn't Shoot Straight (Score 1) 88

They're sending out boxes for their potential firebombs that require gloves to handle?

Clearly they realize that sending something that could spontaneously catch fire in the mail or through couriers is a significant concern, but wouldn't it make more sense to set up return centres at carrier retail locatdions where the phones could be loaded with a "discharge app" (put the display on full brightness, run the speaker at full volume with an inaudible signal, turn on the radios without broadcasting, etc.) to make them safe for later transport.

I'm sure that there will be cases where the phones will have to be sent in by customers, but I would think arranging for them to go to return centres would cover 98% of the total and allow customers to get replacements (probably iPhones)? This would limit the impact on the customers and help the carriers manage customer satisfaction.

Comment Dice, we get it you don't like Ms. Clinton (Score -1, Offtopic) 523

Since the sale to Dice, /. has continually gone down hill with an inexplicable hate on for Ms. Clinton.

In the past 24 hours, this is the third anti-Clinton story that has been featured here.

Time to get off the soapbox and focus on what this site is about - it's not about attacking a political candidate.

Otherwise, I'll get my "News for nerds and stuff that matters" somewhere else.

Comment "Signature Edition" ironically pushes me to Macs (Score 3, Insightful) 491

I have been a big fan/proponent/promoter/user of Lenovo laptops for years. They're rugged and reliable and does what I need them for - I'm writing this on a T510 running Ubuntu 15.04

But, Lenovo always seems to be on the wrong side of software issues. Whether it's malware, tracking or now Win10, I don't feel like their products can be trusted.

To be fair, if I were to consider anybody else's Windows PCs now, I would probably reject them for the same reasons as Lenovo. Running Linux on the laptops in a dual boot mode is a requirement for me.

So, what looks like the best solution for me is to eschew Windows laptops and go to Macs. I have a four year old Macbook Air that I've upgraded the hard drive on, dual booting and I can avoid the Microsoft bullshit for a bit of a premium over a Lenovo laptop, but as I tend to buy higher quality laptops, that premium isn't that high.

Tower systems will continue to be custom builds with Windows 7 or Linux.

Sorry Microsoft, Win10 just ain't in my future.

Comment When was the last time you were in a cab? (Score 1) 274

I don't think I've ever had a cab driver that could be described as "nice, well-groomed and jovial".

Maybe Angry, slovenly (with the overwhelming scent of B.O.) and Anti-social would be a better description of the cab drivers I've had throughout North America.

Personally, I welcome our Johnny Cab overlords:

Comment really like my Brother Printer but they play games (Score 2) 387

I have a five year old MFC-9970CDW (SOHO) laser printer that has thrown an error message saying that the life of the drum unit has been used up for the past three years. Now it says that the paper drive unit has exceeded it's life and needs to be replaced. The printer continues to work perfectly.

Along with this, I've found that when you get a warning saying that a toner cartridge is low and needs to be replaced immediately, it has about 20% of it's life left. It took me a very expensive cartridge or two to figure out that I could run them to the end without any issues.

It is an excellent printer, probably the best one I've ever owned and I would recommend Brother laser printers and buy another one over competing brands.

But, I don't consider them to provide them to be a vendor that doesn't play games.

Comment Techie are fixing world at same rate it was broken (Score 1) 537

I think the expectation that the application of tech will fix something that's wrong with the world very quickly is a big part of the problem.

How long have humans been dumping garbage into the environment? Why would you expect that recycling, composting, reclamation and other technologies will not only stop the poisoning of the environment and clean up the current mess in the order of years?

Same thing for CO2 in the atmosphere. We've been burning increasing amounts of fossil fuels for 130 years or so, why would you expect that a new technology would stop this within years but also return CO2 levels to their original state?

Same comments on other issues like the growth of the Sahara desert, deforestation, etc.

I expect new technologies to help stop the increasing damage and reducing the current level of damage to come about over time, but the expectation that it can be fixed almost immediately with the application of a new technology simply isn't reasonable.

Comment It's been tried before - by BlackBerry (Score 3, Interesting) 177

You do realize that BlackBerry (RIM to us ex-employees) tried to do what you are suggesting? The BlackBerry smartphones could handle different office documents and I worked on a device (the "BlackBerry Presenter") which could display them on a monitor or projector.

The problem was, and I suspect anybody else will fall into this rabbit hole if they work on this type of device, is that RIM got sucked into dealing with Office Apps and the data surrounding it and forgot to focus on what customers really want - web enabled applications.

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