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Comment Re:The idea's good, their mechanisms are a bit odd (Score 1) 238

We don't have any large-scale structures at 700m - this is a completely new realm for engineering. I don't even think it'll be technically possible to design large-scale structures that can withstand regular 70 atm. pressure changes. And never mind that they'll be servicable _only_ by using robots. And all that to store some power (not even enough to compensate for multi-day lows in renewables)?

Comment Re:The idea's good, their mechanisms are a bit odd (Score 1) 238

These structures will be VERY big and quite thick to withstand 10 atmospheres of static pressure and they'll still have to be connected with all the piping. They can certainly use multiple smaller structures, but that'll increase the cost of piping and connections. And all of these for energy storage that simply makes no sense in a pan-European energy grid.

Comment Re:The idea's good, their mechanisms are a bit odd (Score 1) 238

They are still going to be assembled and maintained underwater, at the edge of feasible human diving range (technical divers are not certified for more than 100m). There's no question at all if we can build it - we totally can, just look at Transbay Tube in San-Francisco, the question is the price of doing it. It'll be literally billions of euros for very modest gains.

People here always assume that companies just throw hundreds of millions of dollars into a project like this without actually having actual engineers figure out the construction and operation costs first.

Oh, this very thing happens all the time in Europe. Sometimes on purpose (e.g. initial subsidies to drive down the price of renewables) and sometimes because of "it's green, so it's good" bandwagon.

Comment Re:The idea's good, their mechanisms are a bit odd (Score 1) 238

Pretty much everything else, including buying power from neighbors with nuclear power stations. Even batteries are cheaper and easier to scale.

Seriously, think about it - 1kWh of energy at 100m depth requires storage for around 3600 liters of water at 100m depth. At this depth the only viable option for construction are robots, humans need many hours of decompression and if you go deeper it's even worse.

3600 liters is a lot - one third of a cubic meter. If you need to store something like 200MWh then you'll have to build truly great structures. Underwater.

Comment Re:i have no problem (Score 1) 377

Background checks are not performed at gun fairs or for private sales. And ATF is an underfunded agency stuck (by law!) with obsolete technologies (paper files), with a chief moonlighting as another agency's official. Yeah.

So that's why background checks without actual regulation with teeth are... ineffective.

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