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Comment Re: Zero Page memory locations (Score 1) 615

53 years old.. 8080, 8085, Z80, 6502, 6809, .. . And my memory if the grand ol days of cassette was "Always save 3 times.. on at LEAST 2 different tapes stored in 3 seperate locations. " Typing old stuff in over and over again sucks, and so did tape in those days. Oddly the best tapes were usually the cheapest. K-Mart blue light special tapes won hands down.

Comment Re: Why, you... (Score 1) 311

Damn C coders an' ther high level nonsense! {shakyley raises grounded binary entry tapping wand} When we was growin' up, we didna ha' non o that nonsense. All we had was binara codin from hand assembled inaga... inagiber... ideeers. Yer fancy codin couldna brung bout no operatin systems if it wern't fer us ol' hakaday types that did what we did because we loved it Hmmpphh. Ok.. C is .. well .. talk to me when yall can code it by hand. P.S. did I mention .. hmmph.

Comment Part of the problem... (Score 1) 477

The internet is a place of groupthink, or more to point given the anonymous nature of it, a place of groupunconcious. Forums offer a place to speak our minds. Not the normal "me speaking to you" variety, but the unfiltered "I wouldn't say this if you held a gun to head" variety. It's easy to say the nasty things in the backs of our minds if there's no one else around..... Or if everyone else is around. (The anonimity (sp.) of the crowd) In an environment where this is the norm, there will inevetibly be a portion that cannot distinguish between the two. They will spew out the most vile and evil trash they can conceive because the reponse they receive beats no response at all. And so all of their positive reenforcement results from that which comes froms the worst parts of their psyche. And so the trashers trash, the spewers spew, and those of us trying to get real answers are overwhelmed in a giant compost heap of hate.

Comment Too much? (Score 1) 704

It's kind of too broad a question to begin with, and will largely depend on when you 1st "discovered" computers. I'm kinda old school.. so I might say Livermoore Basic, Tiny basic, or as a fun one. "Zork" (which actually came along years after I had already discovered the joys of computer geekdom)! If you re really into doing a complete'd have to go back all the way to the Babbage computing engines.. or even before that. . While one certainly reminisces about "the grand old days" of this particular program or that, ultimately it boils down to just that: YOUR experiences with with those great old programs. And what might have been influential to me is now just so much saw dust under the feet of those moving on to the next "killer app". Not trying to say there weren't some very influential programs, the exact opposite in fact. There were a LOT of influential programs. Too many for a truly objective one size fits all list.

Comment According to the latest data runs..... (Score 1) 39

God has rebooted the world a total of 17 times. There have been 4 BSODs (Blue Skies of Death). Only 3 species were accidently deleted, though there are several billion empty folders where some species used to reside. There are currently only 3 life forms on planet earth: MS engineers, U.N. workers, and viruses. (there are no bugs.. never have been , never will be.) The world is slowing down as more data accumulates. Currently it takes about 10 minutes of processing per 1 sec of real-time, but once the algorithms are fully engaged we expect this figure to rise exponentially. Since it is impossible to achieve real-time performance, our engineers are guaranteed lifetime salaries. On a side note: As a result of these studies, MS now holds the patent on breathing. Pay up MFs!

Comment Spanning Trees (Score 2) 205

Haven't the telcos ever heard of "Lowest Cost Spanning Trees?". This is what's done in internet routers to prevent exactly the kinds of infinite loops causing the problems there. Spanning trees still provide the carriers with the best available pricing for a given set of call end points over the available routers, but also ensure that infinite loops don't occur within the network, thus providing proper connectivity to the end user.

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