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Comment Re:Just turn it off (Score 1) 332

If the access point is only meant to be used by the Sunday school, and they only meet at certain times. why not just switch the AP off when the Sunday School meeting isn't running?

If the software allows it, would it make it easier to simply set up a schedule that allows for connectivity between 9:00am and 11:00am on Sundays?

This may be an excellent option, provided they can either learn to modify the schedule on their own, or count on a techie type to be there for them when they're needed...


Comment Re:Small budget with time on your hands? (Score 1) 332

It's been awhile since I've looked at flashing a Linksys router, but should anyone decide to go this route they will need to do their research and ensure they are able to find a router that can be flashed. Nothing more frustrating than buying something you think will do the job, only to find out that it won't work as intended.

It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - In Soviet Oregon, skateboard shreds you

An anonymous reader writes: If you have an old torpedo or Asteroids console game lying around, how are you going to get rid of it?
From TFA:
The document-shredders at Enron's accounting firm had nothing on SSI Shredding Systems.
The Wilsonville industrial shredding company ( sneers at mere paper. SSI doesn't even blink at shredding a torpedo — and has the video to prove it.
Every month, SSI's "Shred of the Month" features a YouTube video of an SSI shredder making mincemeat of yet another unlikely object.
April's shredding video shows a defused torpedo being torpedoed by a Dual-Shear M100 hydraulic shredder. The result was a pile of metal shards, measuring 2 inches to 6 inches across.
A link to SSI's Top 10 videos takes you to mattresses (No. 10), an entire boat (No. 5), a couch (No. 3) and a BMW (No. 1).

SSI "Watch it Shred" page:

Submission + - Is Wine or Vista more Windows compatible?

ZMXJ writes: We've been hearing quite a few anecdotes & reviews that complain about poor compatibility of old hardware and pre-vista-windows software with Vista; and quite a few articles about improved compatibility of Wine.

My suspicion is that Linux has much better hardware compatibility with Win2K era PCs than Vista does; and my suspicion is that the software compatibility of Wine vs Vista for Win2K apps is about the same. But before I make a recommendation that upgrading to Wine would be better than upgrading to Vista in our company, I wanted to Ask Slashdot to see what other people's experiences with either transition have been like. So far our company has no experience with Vista nor Wine/Linux (quite a bit of Win2K & Linux experience, though). Any experience you guys had moving ot to Vista or to Wine would be of interest.

Would an upgrade from Win2K to Vista or an upgrade from Win2K to Wine/Linux be less painful?

Submission + - WiiCade Cracks Wiimote Buttons for Online Play

An anonymous reader writes: The popular online gaming site WiiCade, just announced that they've cracked the control scheme for the using the Wiimote in online games. Even better, they're releasing it as a Flash API for anyone who wants to make games for Wiicade!

This API is different from previous efforts in that it manages to prevent the Opera browser from navigating when buttons are pressed. As a result, ALL the buttons (including the DPad, 1, 2, +, and -) can be used by Flash games. WiiCade's latest five games (SnowBlitz, MuscoMorphia, Radioactive Snakes, and Nutty McNuts) all support this new control scheme. Are we seeing the birth of a Virtual Console competitor, or a complement to Nintendo's existing efforts?
Puzzle Games (Games)

Submission + - Memory...Can you remember all without writing down

MacD writes: "About a year ago I saw that a company called Posit Science had a flash based game called the Brain Speed Test. It was a pretty amusing mind exercise. I went back to there cite last week and noticed they still have a newer version of the Brain Speed Test(although its seems to be in look only), but also a sister site about Brain Fitness. On this site they have new memory exercise called Word List Recall. Its pretty simple, but first couple times I found it tough to memorize...maybe Im just getting older. Enjoy."

Submission + - Bomb Squad Detonates Foul CDs?

Needs Food Badly writes: Evidently, now obscenity is a reason to have the bomb squad called in. During the Ash Wednesday mass at Roman Catholic Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi, three CD-players hidden under pews began to blare "pornographic messages" from their speakers. The reaction of the church officials? To take the CDs to the basement of the church and then call the police, who in turn called the bomb squad. The bomb squad destroyed two of the CD players and kept the third for DNA and fingerprint testing. It's a juvenile prank, sure. But is it really necessary to blow up a few ultimately harmless CD players? No one but the cops were apparently afraid the things were bombs. You can read the article here: age.ap/index.html?eref=rss_topstories

Submission + - MS attacks it's own DRM

morlock_man writes: "Despite claiming to support the PlaysForSure DRM into the indefinite Future, MS has apparently broken the DRM compatibility with Windows Media Player 11 and Vista. A number of reports are coming in from companies working with the DRM that attempts at playing any music licensed through the PFS DRM under Vista consistently produce errors. Is this an oversight on Microsoft's part? Or are they attempting to cripple their licensed DRM system in favour of supporting their own proprietary Zune business model? Can you say 'Antitrust'?"

No More GameCube, Wii 2.0 On the Far Horizon 153

The little purple machine that could is no longer being manufactured. Hardware revisions are in store for the Nintendo Wii eventually. These announcements aren't terribly shocking, but they're still interesting admissions from Perin Kaplan, Vice President of Marketing & Corporate Affairs for Nintendo of America. GameDaily has the interview, which also discusses Wii sales, the lull in games, new IPs, and some details on plans online. Don't worry, you won't have to buy a new Wii anytime soon. Kaplan is immediately talking about the planned Japanese version with DVD Playback capability, but does say 'Sure, absolutely' to the question of whether we'll eventually see hardware changes on the order of the DS/DS Lite.

Submission + - What Happened to IE7?

ToeJet writes: Internet Explorer 7 seems to me MIA on the Microsoft Update site. As a SysAdmin that handles multiple computers and windows versions, the IE7 update is being skipped since it broke internal apps at my company. Building a new machine this morning, the normal windows update process was begun (Update, reboot, repeat....). Scanning for IE7 to remove it from the update list turns up missing. After checking sever machines, both 2003 and XP, IE7 is not listed as an update or a hidden update. A critical update disappears, What gives?
User Journal

Journal SPAM: US refuses to sign UN ban on renditions and secret detention 4

Fifty-seven countries signed a UN treaty on Tuesday that bans governments from carrying out forced disappearances and holding individuals in secret detention. Washington, as well as a number of European governments, including Britain, Germany, Spain and Italy, refused to sign.


Submission + - CEO resigns over 'Lite Brite'

DesertBlade writes: The CEO of Cartoon Network has resigned over the bomb scare. Turner ended up paying over 2 million in restitution and the city of Boston coming to a stand still over some lite brites. I for one do not want to live in a glass box being scared of everything, and with governments over reacting just fuels the fear. Are we becoming scared of our own shadow?

Submission + - Intel's new C/GPU Larrabee first specs

jurt1235 writes: "Intel is developping a new C/GPU, called the Larrabee. It is a mix of an apparently to slow CPU core with added vector calculation core + a massive fast bus. From the article: The target is 16 cores in the early 2009 time frame, but that is not a fixed number. Due to the architecture, that can go down in an ATI x900/x600/x300 fashion, maybe 16/8/4 cores respectively, but technically speaking it can also go up by quite a bit"

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