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Comment Re:Would you call Stanford University a patent tro (Score 1) 175

that means only exploring stuff that boring suits think might generate a bottom line.

even worse, it means exploring stuff that suits think will generate the highest amount, leaving us with an intellectual monoculture.

i understand the csiro has already re-invested into further wireless research as a result of this, but i also hope they're able to spread it around the organisation, even some pie-in-the-sky stuff ( the original wifi patent came about as a result of some radiotelescope research... hows that for pie in the sky? :) )

Comment Re:umm (Score 1) 175

Perhaps government agencies should leave "business" to businesses.

Perhaps business lobbies should leave "government" to governments.

pun aside, the csiro is a research organisation, funded by the commonwealth, and providing a return on the investment through patenting the outcomes of its research. another former public asset was the commonweath serum laboratory ( CSL ), which was sold at a price some years ago, and no longer returns its profits to the previous owner ( the australian government ).

we've been down this path with telcos, water authorities and power distributors ( privatisation ), and as far as i can tell, the only upside is if you land a senior management or board level gig with the new owners. certainly not the consumers, let alone the lower level employees who are thinned out before sale, then outsourced as soon as the public outcry over privatisation settles down.

i for one am all for government businesses, as these tend to be much more long-term result focused ( though short electoral cycles and the penchant for the right to strip and sell the assets do get in the way), which leads to steady training and employment through higher education in these fields.

universities in australia are largely publicly funded, and although there has been a push by some recent governments to make such institutions profitable in the short term, applying the long term lens to education is key to economic development for both public and private business.

why then do you think its bad for governments to be running institutions that can return on the investments they make?


Comment Re:Give up! The era of doing it yourself has passe (Score 1) 459

why is this modded -1?

its the first and only sensible response in the whole thread!

got a smallish business? google apps for the domain will be free

really, you pay a fraction of the cost of running your own mail / calendar / collaboration services with the additional benefit of them also handling the spam filtering for you.

i too ran my own smtp/imap servers for years, but have switched and will never look back!

Comment Re:NBN waste of money (Score 1) 100

No money goes back to the regions

ha. 'the city', and by that we generally mean sydney and melbourne, have been propping up 'the country' for generations with tax dollars from manufacturing and tertiary services ( and the like )

and now, with the voracious chinese economy booming to provide a viable market for all that red dirt, the bleating about 'contribution' comes up.

Comment Re:Why is there anything 32 bit on a 64 bit server (Score 1) 274

correcting my own presumptions,

seems java 5 was the first 64 bit sun distribution for linux.

takes a while to get there, but you can still click round the oracle java sites and find the binaries..

for the impatient

still, java 5 released sept 29 2004, so i guess i'm stretching to remember installs from 6 years ago

Comment Re:Why is there anything 32 bit on a 64 bit server (Score 1) 274

Sun Java and Adobe Flash have lacked 64 bit support


sun has had 64 bit binaries for linux as long as i can remember, at least since 1.4.x, and i'd take a loose bet they had 1.3.x 64 bit packages too. ( any earlier and you'd be stretching to find a 64 bit intel/amd linux distro...)

the java runtime itself has been natively 64 bits for a long time.

you _may_ be getting confused with the horrendous java applet plugin for _browsers_ which i think has only recently been part of the distributed java bundles.

Comment Re:Sex Party (Score 1) 258

Victorians: Vote [61] Stephen Conroy

please - consider that the internet filter shenanigans has been an elaborate charade to woo that nufty 'family first' senator steven fielding, and as soon as he's gone, labor can drop the charade entirely.

in that regard, if you must vote below the line, reserve the last couple o spots for family first.

( oh, and given there are 60 candidates for the senate in victoria, a 61 for anyone will render your vote null and void...)

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