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Comment Ridiculous Slashdot story (Score 2, Insightful) 183

This is one of the lamest Slashdot articles I have ever seen. In what way is this at all news for nerds? And in what way is this any more news worthy than 10,000 other random news items of day? What about if Walmart has a one-day sale on Nintendo games. Should we get a Slashdot headline article for that?

msmash is not a competent Slashdot editor. I'm going to give Slashdot some feedback here.

Comment Re:Oh, noes... (Score 1) 110

Frankly, I'd rather have police accountability than privacy from having people see my face while I'm in public.

You realize that this is not an either/or choice right? We can give police body cameras & get the associated enhanced accountability and put safeguards in to prevent it turning to ubiquitous surveillance,

'Oh noes', like people are being irrational suggesting we limit ubiquitous surveillance.

Comment Re: Almost clever (Score 1, Flamebait) 62

... in a hamfisted manner has little to no chance of sticking. The man is dumb as a box of rocks, unfortunately. Despite all of his bluster he is apparently unable to operate with the required tact and subtlety necessary to effect changes he desires. There is the possiblity that everything he is doing publicly is a ruse to distract everyone and he is going to surprise us with the masterful maneuvers he's been making behind the scenes but ... given how dumb he has appeared to be at just about every opportunity, I doubt it.

When he won I was at first disgusted, then somewhat hopeful as I thought, maybe the guy, despite being scum, can actually effect some interesting and valuable changes to the status quo of politics, maybe he can make some meaningful things happen that others couldn't because of their political ties.

But seeing how hamfisted he's been in everything he's tried, and failed thus far, to do ... I am holding out little hope at this point.

Comment Re:Oh the irony. (Score 1) 359

Also may I point out that the word "eliminate" was just the wrong term to use full-stop because of the ambiguity that it introduces. No need for that ambiguity, but clearly the author was going more for "impact" than for clarity. Something like:

"How UPS Trucks Saved Millions of Dollars By Preferring Right Hand Turns"

would have been clearer and then we wouldn't even be having this pointless discussion.

Comment Re:Oh the irony. (Score 1) 359

Yeah, this is why in English we use disambiguating terms like "some" and "all". No soldier speaking english would ever say "I've eliminated enemy combatants", they'd say, "I've eliminated SOME enemy combatants". And I agree with your assertion that the "the" in my example was disambiguating.

However, we all know that article titles generally do not use articles in the same way, for brevity's sake, which is why choosing an ambiguous wording as the article did, is a bad idea, and why it leads to confusion where some people interpret it one way and some the other way.

My main beef was with you calling people 'idiot' because they were misled by an ambiguous title and then pointed out what was ambiguous about it, as if your personal interpretation of ambiguity was somehow the "correct" interpretation and anyone who reads it a different way is an "idiot".

Really alot of it comes down to hating to read people immediately start out with name-calling, and it seemed ironic since the person you are responding to had a valid point, which I have just elucidated.

But whatever, have a good day.

Comment Re:Oh the irony. (Score 1) 359

Hilarious that you are calling ME pedantic when you're the one who initiated this nonsense by berating someone else in a pedantic manner!

I think I'm going to start using your logic at work though. Should be fun.

Me: "Hey boss, I eliminated the bugs that were preventing our product from shipping!"

Boss: "Awesome! Finally we can ship because there are no bugs! I just uploaded the new build to the server and users are downloading it as we speak!"

Me: "What?!? But the bug that wipes users' hard drives is still in the product! We're ruined!"

Boss: "But you said you eliminated all of the bugs ..."

Me: "No, I said I eliminated the bugs. But clearly that only means some of them! In fact, I only fixed one bug, but ... since 'eliminate the bugs' really means 'eliminate some of the bugs', and 'some' in this context really meant 'one' ... I was just being accurate! Ask fisted, he knows."

Comment Re:Oh the irony. (Score 2, Insightful) 359

Are you serious?

"eliminate: completely remove or get rid of (something)"

Saying 'partially eliminate' is an oxymoron although it's commonly used enough to mean "eliminating part of" that its meaning is well understood.

A sentence that is otherwise unqualified that says:

"How UPS Trucks Saved Millions of Dollars By Eliminating Left Turns"

VERY clearly means that "all left turns were eliminated".

But I think you understood all of this already and were just looking for a way to be salty. Mission accomplished!

Comment Re:This is to be a perfect story for Slashdot. (Score 1) 69

Well to be honest this story is kind of a snoozer for me. Like, it's already known for this sort of thing to be possible. The fact that it was actually observed hardly seems that interesting to me personally. But for those of you for whom this sort of thing is exciting, please do post, maybe your posts will be interesting to read.

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