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Comment Re:What kind of lenses? (Score 1) 15

Fresnel lens effects cause a variety of artifacts, most notably the appearance of reflective concentric rings in any scene with high contrast, and sometimes a reduced appearance of rings in scenes even with moderate contrast. Additionally, I can see the rings in scenes of flat color or coherent texture, as a subtle difference in pixel density in each successive ring. There is also a reduced contrast when compared to the DK2 lenses. Finally, the Vive lenses have a very small "sweet spot" in my experience; you can't look obliquely outside of a narrow focal range in the middle of the lenses without one or the other (or both) eyes blurring considerably.

Comment What kind of lenses? (Score 1) 15

The Vive is wonderful but the lenses are crap, full stop. Maybe they are the best that can be achieved with limited budget, time, and concessions to meet a certain feature profile. My DK2 lenses are actually better than the Vive lenses (in my opinion) in every way except field of view.

I would be interested in knowing what kind of lenses this new headset is using, and whether or not anyone with the wherewithal to do so is trying to make better lenses.

Slashdot used to be the place where I asked questions like this to get expert opinions, but admittedly I haven't really been around here much in the past 3 or 4 years so ... not sure if this still applies. I've tried asking a bit on reddit but questions get lost in the noise pretty easily there.

Comment Re:Just as long as tabs can be turned OFF by the u (Score 1) 249

No one said anything about focus-to-raise functionality. In fact this is one of the primary benefits of pointer-to-focus instead of click-to-focus ... I can type into a partially obscured window if I need to, which often I do. But on the Mac I have to spend time moving my windows around so that the thing I want to look at is not obscured by the thing I'm trying to type into, all the time.

Also, it's super easy to dea with mouse pointers that are "in the way". Move them up an inch, but stay within your program. That is like a non-problem compared to the problems that click-to-focus systems bring.

But whatever ... have your preference, and live with it in peace and joy. I just want Apple to give me the same opportunity.

Comment Re:Depressing... (Score 1) 249

Apparently you don't have kids that like to have black and white printouts that they can color with crayons ...

And it's certainly not the case that I print frequently; that's why I bought a laser printer, because even if you only print a document per month, you never have problems.

Anyway, what's the point of stating that someone else's problem isn't a problem for them because it's not a problem for you?

Comment Re:macOS and FreeBSD leave no place for Linux. (Score 1) 249

1) chroot that works in any sane fashion

2) control the network interfaces in a sane way that is fully functional on all versions of Mac OS X. Doesn't have to be the same for every version, but there should be something sane for every version.

These are two things that I ran into on the very first complex task I tried to do on the Mac OS X command line (reproduce a chroot based build environment at work).

When the first thing you try has immediate limitations, it's a good indicator that many or most complex tasks would have limitations.

Apple has moved very far away from the Unix philosophy of how systems work. Yes, most of the simple unix commands that interact with little more than basic input/output work fine on Mac OS X (aside from some weird character handling in their terminal program, but every version of Unix has its own weird terminal bugs in my experience), but anything more complex than that generally does not work because Apple doesn't actually buy into the Unix philosophy.

Comment Re:Just as long as tabs can be turned OFF by the u (Score 1) 249

You may be right. It's been a while since I futzed with it. I believe that they changed the color of the dark dock, and it's a color that clashes with my background. So I guess it's not that I can't choose a dark dock, it's that I can't choose an arbitrarily colored dock.

Comment Re:macOS and FreeBSD leave no place for Linux. (Score 1) 249

Apple's flavor of Unix is really quite impoverished once you start trying to do anything beyond the most basic things. Sorry, it's true. I like my Mac laptop for stuff that requires a GUI, but Mac OS X cannot hold a candle to Linux when it comes to command line stuff.

Comment Re:Just as long as tabs can be turned OFF by the u (Score 1) 249

Good luck with that. In my experience, Apple's user interface hubris knows no bounds, to the extent that when they decide what the user experience should be like, they are very reticent to provide any customization which would allow it to be changed.

Example: click-to-focus. It's not possible to have focus-follows-pointer in Mac OS X. There is no option that would enable it. Apple decided that everyone should use click-to-focus, and that is the unassailable law in the Mac world.

Another example: dock color. This is such a dumb preference but I cannot imagine why they don't make it user customizable. I like dark colored dock backgrounds, they look better on the desktop backgrounds I choose. But Apple simply will not make them customizable. They have decided what color your dock should be. You must accept it.

There are dozens/hundreds of other examples. Given all of this, I highly doubt that they will make the tab/window behavior customizable if they decide that there is One Right Way that All Users Must Use.

Comment Re:Depressing... (Score 2) 249

I know it's silly, but the thing I would most like to see improved in MacOS is the print dialog. It's so hard to get a good printout on Mac OS these days; you have no controls for resizing or repositioning the printed material to ensure that it covers the page properly. There appear to be several different print dialogs that appear depending upon the application; so it's possible that I'm experiencing problems related to a particular application, and yet there is no print dialog that any application has ever produced on my Mac laptop that I would consider to be useable. And I don't understand why the print dialog wouldn't always be the same, as an operating system supplied bit of functionality.

It just amazes me that Apple, which gave us the original desktop publishing revolution back in the 80's, can have such terrible print support now.

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