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Comment Re:Is USB really better? (Score 1) 543

IIRC, it doesn't say that it's charging, but it will trickle-charge. The problem is that USB ports don't provide enough power for a device that current-hungry to charge from. My ASUS Transformer Pad Inifinity is the same way: It doesn't say it's charging when I plug it into my computer, but it will slowly charge if I'm not using it (1% every 10 minutes or so).

Comment Re:What happens when people change their minds.. (Score 1) 299

> Plus, don't most lights go to flashing yellow (= 4 way stop) at off-peak times?

Traffic lights on side streets, or business intersections, perhaps. But not all lights. And it'd be flashing red if it'd be a 4-way stop. Most of the ones I see do flashing red to the smaller road and flashing yellow to the through road.

Comment Re:why phase out DVI? (Score 1) 704

> HDMI allows sending audio over the same cable, DVI does not.

Actually, you can get audio out of a DVI port on a video card. I have a GTX570, with one of its DVI ports connected to an HDMI port on my TV with a DVI to HDMI cable, and audio routes over that cable just fine. I was actually surprised the first time it happened, for I thought the same as you.


TI-Nspire Hack Enables User Programming 88

An anonymous reader writes "Texas Instruments' most recent, ARM-based series of graphing calculators, the TI-Nspire line, has long resisted users' efforts to run their own software. (Unlike other TI calculator models, which can be programmed either in BASIC, C, or assembly language, the Nspire only supports an extremely limited form of BASIC.) A bug in the Nspire's OS was recently discovered, however, which can be exploited to execute arbitrary machine code. Now the first version of a tool called Ndless has been released, enabling users, for the first time, to write and run their own C and assembly programs on the device. This opens up exciting new possibilities for these devices, which are extremely powerful compared to TI's other calculator offerings, but (thanks to the built-in software's limitations) have hitherto been largely ignored by the calculator programming community."

Comment Re:DMCA Misrepresentation claim viable (Score 4, Informative) 463

The keys are not required to access the binary. There is no encryption; the keys are just to verify that the OS image hasn't been corrupted. The entire binary has always been completely accessible from both the PC side (before transferring) as well as on the calculator. Furthermore, the community has had the ability to load its own operating systems on the TI-83 Plus since 2002. TI had stated in 2004 that they had no problem with independent third-party OSes being loaded, as long as (understandably) no one distributed modified TI OS files. The only new development here is that third-party operating systems can now be loaded onto the calculators without any hacks or preparation. In other words, they can be loaded in a user-friendly manner like the TI OS is loaded, and transmitted from calculator-to-calculator without having to run a special program beforehand. This is a huge deal in gaining acceptance for third-party operating systems, because end users do not want to have to pull out a battery during validation or run a strange program before loading the OS. They'd rather just click and be done.

Submission + - RSA keys factored, DMCA takedowns issued ( 2

An anonymous reader writes: A month ago, reported smart factoring of the 512-bit RSA key used by TI to sign their TI-83+ OS, which opens the door to seamless installation of open-source third-party OS on TI-83+ calculators. Since then, two other keys found in other TI calculators have been factored by a distributed effort. Several days ago, TI sent DMCA takedown notices to several sites mentioning the keys and their factors. All three keys factored so far have been posted to Wikileaks, and the effort to factor the remaining ones is going on.

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