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Comment Re:A false choice, of course... (Score 1) 2044

Theft? How exactly is it theft?

Insurance companies are betting that you'll be healthy, so as a business they dislike when pre-existing conditions get thrown in because it changes the situation without them being aware of it.

The problem is that medical insurance has become an essential, and I don't mean by law, so to treat it like any other business is foolish.

Comment Re:Makes sense to me. (Score 1) 307

The point isn't about consistency - If you want to play a computer game like DOOM, that's still a valid option. (Heck, Half Life came out in 1998 and it's STILL a sizable game community because of the mods.) Even when they shut down the WON servers, you could still find ways to play (not including Steam) by patching the game, and some people set up alternative authentication servers.

A lot harder to do for the XBox...

Comment Re:Racist cops..... (Score 1) 330

"What really needs to be done is elect police officers on a neighborhood (in larger cities) or town (in smaller cities) basis to make them accountable to the public."

The problem with this is that being a police officer requires time and specialized training. Perhaps a better oversight group might be more practical? (And THOSE members could perhaps be elected.)


Submission + - NoScript Apologizes

Crystalmonkey writes: "According to the NoScript website(Source):

I sincerely apologize with ABP users. Even though information about its presence and how to remove it in two clicks was given on the AMO install page, on this site's install page, on this very release note page and in the FAQ, not including a prompt asking for explicit permission beforehand from the start has been a very bad omission, and I want all the ABP users who felt betrayed to know how much I'm sorry for that. As a sign of good will and repent, current NoScript completely removes the ABP filterset on startup with no questions asked. Thanks for your patience.
— Giorgio"
Hardware Hacking

Wiimote Hacking Goes Big-Time 51

The Wall Street Journal is taking Wiimote hacking seriously. A front-page article from this past weekend discusses the many uses to which enterprising hackers have put the Wiimote, the motion sensing piece of the Wii console. Included is a video of a few of the projects in action. "Tim Groeneboom, who lives in the Netherlands, uses his Wii-mote to spice up his deejay act. He was inspired by a video on the Web of a California music student bobbing in front of the computer in his room and making jabbing motions with the Wii-mote to splice different tracks. During his second gig with the Wii-mote, Mr. Groeneboom, 22, says he was able to roam up to about 100 feet from his deejay booth and still be able to control how the music blended and do some sound effects ... Aaron Rasmussen has a sporting purpose for his Wii-mote. At his Garden Grove, Calif. software company, USMechatronics, he and his partner stuck a tennis racket in the 'hand' of a $40,000 industrial robot and then tweaked the Wii-mote to control the robot's arm so it can hit back tennis balls on the factory floor. 'This is what we do to relax,' he says."

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