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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Beyond Climate-Change or Who Is Looking At The Big Picture? 1

Crypto Gnome writes: While everyone is whining about GreenHouse Gasses the actual problem is an excess of heat. Constant bitching about cee owe too and cowfarts is just talking up (presumed/apparent) Causes. Ever since our good friend Einstein proved that e=mcc we've known that matter is essentially fossilised energy. (to put it in a similar descriptive paradigm) So once we get fusion based power plants we'll be releasing into our biosphere excess energy which was previously locked up nicely in matter. Bugger the greenhouse gasses as an intermediary we've gone DIRECTLY from root-cause to OH ZOD WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE. What are we gonna do then? Of course the problem is even WORSE once we crack the problem of Zero Point Energy, now we're sucking energy into The UNIVERSE which effectively didn't exist at all. And it's the same problem if we ever work out how to suck energy out of "neighbouring universes" (yes people say I read too much SF)..... Or maybe they're the same problem and Zero Point is actually just the effect we see of energy cycling between adjacent universes and statistically there's no *net change* until we started fudging with things and trying to keep it on our side of the fence.

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