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Comment I think you have misunderstood (Score 1) 252

What?! Since Steam already runs on every major OS, what would the point of your imagined "steam" box be? Why on earth would Valve go to all the trouble of building a computer, and then say "Oh, go ahead and put whatever you want on it. We hope you install Steam and play our gamez! kthxbai"

Of course they're building a box. It will run Linux (probably a Valve-brewed distro). You can figure this out by the fact that they've been doing a lot of work getting Steam to run on Linux, which is like 1% of their userbase. Also, a lot of companies are releasing their backcatalog on Linux, which probably is happening because Valve gave the developers advance notice, and not because a bunch of companies simultaneously got the urge to support a tiny fragmented market.

If you're trolling, 10/10. If you're seriously that much of a sperglord, 2/10.

Comment "IT Guy" is not so bad (Score 1) 736

What I hate is being called "Techie" and being treated like I'm some kind of inscrutable little dwarf. "Oh, you techies!" "How can you expect me to click a little picture on the screen? I'm not one of you techies!" "Is the computer turned on? How would I know, that's a techie thing!" Fecking morons.

IT Guy would be a step up.

Comment Was there a point to this idea? (Score 0, Flamebait) 549

I mean, really, Apple did it back in the day because their customers were too stupid to know what a CPU was-- I mean, were too busy creating and thinking differently to care whether they had a 68K or a PowerPC computer.

But why now? And for Linux?!!? Sweet fancy Moses, if you can't figure out what type of binary you need, you're just not going to get too far with the average Linux distribution.

The fact that this guy got as far down the development path as he did, before he noticed all the people screaming "GO AWAY! WE DON'T NEED THIS!!" is a clear sign that he's got some kind of cognitive issue.

Ryan-- dude-- go solve a real problem. This wasn't one.

Comment Speaking as a citizen of Arizona (Score 2, Insightful) 171

Any change, technological or otherwise, that reduces the influence of the idiots in this state can only be a good thing. Sweet merciful Christ, just look at our senators, our representatives... Napolitano is the first governor in decades that didn't end her term in disgrace or prison, and she gets promoted out-of-state. McCain is our sane senator.

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