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Comment Re:Well Trump has one thing right (Score 1) 527

Back in the tycoon days you had basically unfettered capitalism. Because of that, big tycoons were able to set their way even to buy government

Umm, it's NOT "unfettered capitalism" if you can buy governments. The act of buying special privileges from the government is pretty much the opposite of "unfettered capitalism".

Do remember that the kind of government you can buy monopolies and such from is strong enough that capitalism is pretty much automatically fettered by the government. So what you're describing as "unfettered capitalism" is actually "corrupt government" pointing fingers away from themselves....

Comment Re:But... But... (Score 4, Informative) 154

Second sentence of summary:

That's because heavy duty vehicles in the EU have much stricter regulations than cars, and so even if they meet lab tests, cars end up producing much more nitrogen oxides (NOx) when driven on actual roads.

I Know commenting on the headline is fashionable, but not even getting to the second sentence is a bit extreme even for /.

Comment Re:hand over control to automata and others (Score 2) 15

On the plus side, those of us who are missing certain key internal organs (spleen, gall bladder, and pancreas, in my case) would be delighted to have an artificial organ or three to replace the pills and/or injections we have to take multiple times a day just to stay alive....

Comment Re:66000 tons of CO2 would produce 126000 Tons NaH (Score 1) 197

66000 tons of CO2 @ ~1kg-CO2 per KW-hr electricity means that this plant is either a 7.5 MW plant, or a very large fraction of the CO2 is dumped to atmosphere like any other power plant.

A quick google tells me that that power plant is actually five units totaling 1050 MW. Assuming one unit has the converter installed, that translates to 5% of the CO2 sequestered, and 95% still escaping to atmosphere (assuming I can add at this hour of the morning, while the coffee is still in the pot and not in me).

Which makes this worse than natural gas power plants (which are not good enough to actually stop AGW or anything, they just slow down the onset), much less nuclear, solar, wind, tide....

Comment Re:Asteroid Billiards is a new idea.. interesting (Score 3, Interesting) 135

It should be noted that we're not in a real hurry about getting an asteroid into Earth orbit. So ion drives (Isp a holy hell of a lot higher than 450 - we've already built them in the Isp 5000 range) would be fine for the purpose. Alternately, an Orion model would work - pop a few (dozen) small nukes off next to the rock...

All that aside, this is just an example of the sort of thing that Presidents do to build a "legacy" - if we pay any attention to it, and in a hundred years we deflect a rock, it's all due to the foresight of Mr. Obama. If we ignore it (as we probably should at this point. Maybe in 20-50 years we should start thinking slightly more seriously about the subject), and a rock smacks us, people can point and say "if only we had listened to Mr. Obama!!! He would have saved us!!!!"

Comment Re:and if there is an accident your on your own (Score 1) 124

and if there is an accident your on your own even more so with the GOP healthcare plan. You where in an taxi cash why should we have to pay out you need to sue the taxi co.





Plus a couple of missing periods.

Yes, I know you wanted to contradict someone, but that doesn't really work well when you come across as illiterate....

Comment Re:Road kill! (Score 1) 162

The solution is to actually ENFORCE the rules, not discard them.

True enough, if the rules serve some useful purpose (other than serving as an excuse to ticket people). If, however, it's safer driving at 110 mph (175 km/hr) than at 65 mph (110 km/hr), then perhaps the rules should be discarded in favour of the safer (but higher) speeds.

And, FWIW, yes, I also live in a place where driving the speed limit will get you killed, since most traffic is going considerably over the speed limit most of the time. Actually driving the speed limit here would be dangerous as all hell....

Comment Re:Snowden is a patriot (Score 2) 185

As a matter of definition, a US citizen or person can only commit treason by giving aid or comfort to an enemy at a time of war declared by Congress.

Umm, no.

Article 3: "Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort."

Note that the phrase "declared war" isn't included. Note that "adhering to their Enemies" IS included, and doesn't imply a state of war....

Comment Re:How big is an EM Drive? (Score 2) 470

At present, no, not near Earth's gravity well, at least. The added mass of the cavity thrusters would probably increase gravitational force more than the tiny force they produce.

Unless you're talking takeoff from the ground, the extra mass of the cavity thrusters is meaningless. Because you're pushing in the direction of motion to reach a higher orbit (or against it, if you want a lower orbit).

The only question to be answered about "multiple EM drives" (assuming they work at all, of course) is "do we gain enough thrust to make it worth the bother?" Answer is "probably", unless the EM drive unit outmasses the satellite it's attached to (or the satellite + multiple EM drives is massive enough that your launch vehicle can't get it up there....)

Comment Re:Throttle Control? (Score 2) 107

From my limited KSP playing experience, the biggest drawback for solid fuel propulsion is the inability to throttle back (or shut down) the rocket.
I have seen a growing number of non-booster stages that use solid rocket fuel systems. Has this problem been solved?

Well, yes and no. A solid-fuel rocket cannot be throttled. But a hybrid system (solid fuel plus liquid oxidizer) can be throttled and/or shutdown, by throttling the flow of oxidizer.

It's got some of the advantages of solid fuel, and some of the advantages of liquid fuel.

Unfortunately, it's also got some of the disadvantages of both solid and liquid fuel, which is why not much effort has really been put into it much past proof-of-concept....

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