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Comment Re:Climate change skeptic (Score 1) 205

"2. We have seen vastly higher CO2 levels in planetary history and right now we are seeing what is actually all time lows. We should expect CO2 increases and, in fact, hope for them as going much below 300 ppm would see the beginning of a massive plant die off - there's a reason commercial greenhouses pump CO2 into their facilities."

We have seen vastly higher?

When? Some time before 400,000 years ago?

Comment What is this "ethernet jack" you speak of (Score 2) 172

well gosh golly gumpers, I can also plug an evil thing into the ethernet jack, and then plug that evil thing into the wired network, and do all manner of bad also. Hell I can substitute an evil hub for a good one and do even more bad. where will it end?


I have no ethernet jack - I have a Mac, you insensitive clod.

Comment Re:Reverse brain drain (Score 1) 805

We want the best and brightest to work as frightened wage slaves who won't dare ask for more money or argue with the boss. Having these people in companies that compete against their businesses is obviously a problem for them, it's sort of implying that immigrants should be relegated to the lower classes of any "civic society", possibly the middle class at best.

Comment Re:Most perceptive comment of the night (Score 1) 2837

That's really interesting. I also feel like there was a sense in social media that while trumps support was belligerent, immature, and often gross, it was at least honest. Clinton's support from groups like CTR was subtle, underhanded, and dishonest.

People noticed.

The perfect example is how the news subreddits. CTR folks got into mod positions and started deleting anything anti clinton or pro sanders way back in the primary. They tried to justify it, and hid who they really were, but people by and large saw it happening. The trump subreddit was a shitshow of immature nonsense and hate. Last night I looked at "the_donald" just to see how they were reacting, and the first post I clicked on was a link to twitter, and the first response to this tweet was a pornographic picture with Hillary's face photo-shopped on to it. It was gross, and deplorable, but I know for damn sure that wasn't some paid shill trying to subtly influence me by controlling information on social media. One was gross, and one was dishonest. Its not a fun choice to make, but I can see how it could go the way it did.

Comment Re:Very true (Score 1) 2837

Well, trump won it fair and square. Or rather, despite the RNC not wanting him, so at a handicap.

Which is shocking, because he's a complete shithead and was able to steamroll the RNC, while Bernie isn't and was steamrolled by the shitheads at the DNC. It seems like a victory for shitheads.

Comment False Equivalence, anyone? (Score 1, Interesting) 98

When the first generation Macbook airs showed up with defects that caused overheating leading to the machine throttling what did Apple do?

You're literally comparing mild overheating on the Apple notebook with the Samsung product that the FAA has asked removed from planes because it's a danger to passengers.

Right on. I see where you're coming from!

Comment Re:all your searches are belong to us (Score 1) 113

I think Google made Chrome was to help drive the internet the way they wanted it to go (you can take that however you want).

Amusingly, before Chrome browser existed, Google funded Mozilla pretty heavily. So their motives haven't changed - just their execution. Chrome was essentially using webkit earlier, then forked off it's own engine (blink).

Comment Re:This is a good thing. (Score 1) 418

Let's face it, thanks to Newt Gingrich's Contract with America during the Republican Revolution,


It turned out to be the Contract on America [1]. And it was when conservatives became neo-conservatives (which is to say they did an about face on anything actually designed to balance budgets or adhere to actual conservative values) and the Christian right-wing merged with the GOP.

Comment Re:This is a good thing. (Score 0, Troll) 418

Pretty sure it's the liberals who wanted to mandate government issue marriage certificates to gays. This issue does not support your argument unless there's recent examples of laws passed to prevent same-sex people from having civil ceremonies and living together as "married."

This is exactly what we're complaining about - a local jurisdiction approved same-sex marriage (as without such legislation same-sex spouses couldn't even see the other spouse in the emergency room), then the conservative response [1] is to pass constitutional amendments through fear and hysteria.

You might want to research before posting next time.


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