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Comment Re:Go BIG, Dell, or go home to mama (Score 2) 77

Dell has a developer version of the XPS 13 inifinity edge laptop that is $100 cheaper and ships with Ubuntu pre-installed. Furthermore the hardware is identical so all drivers are supported for install on the widows version. I am assuming that with a little work these drivers and tools could be ported to other distros if needed. I plan on getting the windos version of an XPS in the next year or two so that I can install linux and use the windows licence on a virtual machine as I am now so that I can run Autodesk Inventor and other other few pieces of software that I use with no linux parallels.

Comment Re:Phenomenal (Score 1) 242

They originally had Irfan Khan for the role of Venkat Kapoor, but shooting conflicts caused him to drop out. They got Chiwetel Ejiofor as a replacement and I think he did a great job. Most importantly they maintain the very diverse cast of characters that the book had, not white-wash it like many Hollywood movies.

Comment Re:ZOK!, POW!, BAM!, OOOF! (Score 3, Interesting) 47

It is a modified Lincoln Concept Car. It was a one off (there might be a couple of them...but it was never mass-produced) that was then modified. You can not buy the base car, as it was never for sale for the general public. 4.2 million is a lot for any car...but this one is unique with a interesting and culturally relevant history. It may even pay for itself eventually with paid showings at car shows and comic conventions; and is future resale value will probably go up with time; not down. There are a lot of other thing this man could have wasted his money on...at least it wasn't bought with bailout money.

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