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Journal Journal: found my first nutjob

Okay, so he isn't the first nut job I've heard from on Slashdot, but he certainly takes the cake. I guess I made his friend angry when I noticed a difference in the hexadecimal values of a post and couldn't see what was supposed to originally be a apostrophe. At which point winner number 1 chose ignorance over intelligence and chimed in a few times as a coward (conjecture) about me being a chimpanzee, but clearly I had no right to respond, let alone try to explain my way to those masters of ignorance. Enter winner number 2 and his tirade about my (quite inflated) responses to being jumped on, then trying to explain myself...but I guess it wouldnt' be any fun if there weren't clueless morons like this one to chime in when no one cares what their IQ of 45 has to say...have a nice life :)

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