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Submission + - Brains!

Crow T. Trollbot writes:
  • Brains!
  • Brains!
  • Braaaaaiiinnnssss!
  • Send more CowboyNeals

Submission + - Intel to move to 45nm in 2nd Half of 2007

Crow T. Trollbot writes: Intel has announced that it's moving to a 45-nanometer fab process for its Penryn family of processors in the second half of 2007. This is a fairly aggressive move, and potentially a big challange to AMD. Intel is widley believed to have an edge on AMD with its current Core2 line of processors, and the majority of AMD's processor are still done in in 90nm, with AMD just now transitioning to 65nm, and no plans for 45nm until mid-2008.
Portables (Apple)

Submission + - Apple Rumors: iPhone, Tablet, Beatles for Sale

Cr0w T. Trollbot writes: Macworld Expo is more than a month out, but already the Apple-related rumors are flying thick and fast. First, those peristant iPhone rumors continue to bubble along. Not only that, those on-again, off-again rumors about an an Apple tablet computer are very much on again, this time focused on a device for the education market. Finally, rumor has it that the long-running Apple vs. Apple saga may finally come to an end, with The Beatles' licensing iTunes as the first and exclusive source for buying legal Beatles music downloads. Sweet Ellen Feiss in a Yellow Submarine, that's tasty rumormongering!

Submission + - "No wireless. Less space than a Nomad. Lame.&#

Crow T. Trollbot writes: On the 5th Anniversary of the iPod, Playlist has gone back to look at what commentators said upon it's release. Some were remarkably prescient: BusinessWeek's Charles Haddad said "It's going to do for MP3 music what the original Palm Pilot did for handheld computing in the late '90s — that is, ignite demand like a match to dry twigs." Others (like the infamous quote from Slashdot's own CmdrTaco in the Subject line) were not...

Submission + - Transmeta Sues Intel for Patent Infringement

Cr0w T. Trollbot writes: Today Transmeta filed suit against Intel for patent infringement. "The suit...alleges that Intel infringed upon ten of Transmeta's patents. The patents cover computer architecture and power efficiency technologies." Transmeta, as you may remember, offered a low-power x86 processor until last year which used Transmeta's vaunted "code morphing" software. It was probably most famous among Slashdot readers for employing Linus Torvalds. More IP lawsuit abuse? (Shakes Magic 8 Ball: "Answer Points to Yes.")

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