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Comment Re:Not Impressed (Score 2) 37

The only thing it is lacking is an SD card. My phone will do 2 terabytes but my tablet is stuck at 32gb.

I use my 2013 Nexus 7 daily and use the OTG cable on a weekly basis (for backups and transferring large amount of data from USB flash drives).

Also recently, I bought a 32G USB3/OTG combo drive when it was on sale.

Comment No data plan but SMS still works (Score 1) 101

You dumb asses, Google.

I use a Nexus 5 but I don't have a data plan since I'm near WiFi most of the time (plus I don't feel spending $30+ just to get a data plan). However, I loved having the capability to get SMS whenever an event was added to my Google Calendar (by other family member, for example).

So, Google could have justified this move by saying that sending free SMS is costing us an arm and a leg, and this is a cost-cutting maneuver. Instead, they are hiding behind "oh everyone has a smartphone these days".

Comment Re:Will this internet of things die already? (Score 1) 103

I'd mostly be interested in using a smart thermostat for logging.
If I can detect HVAC performance problems just once before they lead to a dead system on a deadly hot summer day and an emergency call to a repair guy then it would easily have paid for itself in comfort.

Exactly this.

I have a Wifi connected thermostat and it has already proved more than useful.

I live in Canada. Went on 2-week vacation to Florida in the middle of winter. Did not check email the first day.

Next day, checked email. Furnace had been sending an email saying "high pressure switch stuck closed" for the last 7 hours. The barrage of emails started at 4:43 am. I had left the key with the neighbours and they were kind enough to let the service person inside the house. The service guy fixed the furnace (under warranty) by replacing the malfunctioning part.

TL;DR: wifi connected thermostat ended up possibly saving the house from frozen, burst pipes.

Comment EnvisaLink from EyezOn (Score 1) 248

Try an EnvisaLink 3 from EyezOn and hook it up to a compatible DSC or Honeywell (Ademco/Vista) system.

Self-monitoring (via email/SMS) is free (aside from the upfront cost of EnvisLink and alarm system hardware). Central monitoring is available as well.

Disclaimer: I have an EnvisaLink 3 hooked up to a Vista 20p (ADT Safewatch Pro) system monitored by a ULC alarm facility. ADT kept hiking up rates and wanted $30 per month after the initial system was "sold free". Ashamed to say that I paid a monthly fee for almost 5 years before switching to the EnvisaLink setup. You need to know (to a certain degree) how to program your alarm panel.

Comment Focus follows mouse, for fucks sake (Score 1) 965

One of my biggest pet peeves with Mac OS X is it's non-conformance to Focus Follows Mouse. Why can't Apple fix that for fucks sake?

Because Apple shows you the only way (or the highway).

For novice users, I think it is a pretty good O/S. For semi-advanced users, there are traps in the making. For power users, aside from the FFM issue, in my experience, I have been happy with it (after doing some tweaks like macports and some UI customizations).

Comment Re:Verizon (Score 1) 375

I'm on the same $30 plan as well (with the same Google Voice setup) but I'm afraid to inform you that Google Voice is not VoIP - your cell minutes are still being used. When someone calls your Google Voice number, Google simply routes the call to your Tmobile number. Same for outgoing calls - the Google Voice app transparently has your Google Voice number call the intended recipient and then calls you to create a conference call. Check your minute statements. Also, if you have auto pay set up, they'll auto deduct $30 when you hit 0 minutes instead of waiting for the 30 days to be up.

As for the hassle... I'm not sure what issue you ran into. You just have to click next a few times.

You can use Talkatone for making calls via Google Voice using XMPP. I don't have a data plan at all and am almost always near a known WiFi access point. So, I keep that app on all the time and can receive incoming as well as outgoing calls over my GV phone number.

Comment Re:The USA is on my no-fly list (Score 1) 291

Also swiss here, I spend roughly $5-10K a year on holidays. I like the USA but, unfortunately, it is also on my no fly list for some years.

As an interesting fact, domestic flights in the US have been increasing up until 2006-2007, since then they are decreasing (per person and per number of flights).


Canada welcomes your Swiss Francs :-)

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