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Comment Re:Time to lose Daylight Savings Time (Score 2) 310

That argument really doesn't make any sense. DST is in effect from March to November, not during the winter months, and has the effect of making people get up *earlier* in the morning. This means that in March, people that were getting up with the sunrise are suddenly getting up and hour *before* the sunrise. Darker, not safer. In November the opposite happens. Also take into account that the continental US spans more than 20 degrees of latitude, which accounts for more than an hour difference between the northernmost and southernmost points. Some kid, somewhere, is going to be walking to school in the dark.

Comment Re:Exactly Correct (Score 1) 2219

This bears repeating:

the main value of Slashdot is [...] the comment section
the main value of Slashdot is [...] the comment section
the main value of Slashdot is [...] the comment section
the main value of Slashdot is [...] the comment section

It could be a total dog of an article, and I will still stop by and check the comments because frequently there is at least one person who knows more about the subject matter than I do, and I might learn something humorous, if not interesting or educational.

Comment Re:.. for sending fax from the computer (Score 1) 410

This drives me NUTS. Email is insecure, but FAX is just FINE?!?!?

Actually, the best explanation I ever got for why I had to do it this way was that their receiving system was hard-config'd to only accept incoming documents from a fax-to-pdf conversion. It still blew my mind ('but I can give you a pdf... its RIGHT HERE!) but at least a) the person knew how the system worked, b) the person knew there was no way to insert data into that stream, and c) the person could explain parts a) and b) to me.

Comment Re:more like (Score 1) 329

Please clarify something for me - what media sources do you want your display device (with 'native, built-in support that doesn't require me to run a server agent on another box') to connect to? Pretty much any arrangement of video source/dest is going to require a server agent of some kind (to set up the stream if nothing else) on the source device, or it requires local support for some kind of file system (hence the suggestion about a set-top box with a USB port I think).

Not trolling, just curious what you have in mind. I think I don't understand what you are looking for.

Comment Re:This... is a very good idea. (Score 4, Insightful) 110

I think the point is that this method doesn't actually prevent any of the breaches that best practices (salting, using a strong hash alg, etc) protect against; rather it provides early warning that your best practices failed. If any one of your honeypot passwords get used, immediately shut everything down ala Madagascar then find and fix the hole the hackers used.

Comment Re:$1000 for a video card? (Score 1) 189

For the sake of anecdotal breadth I will volunteer that I know two married couples, one in the 30-35 age bracket and another in the 50-55 age bracket, who both play a lot of WoW. You may not consider WoW to be 'hardcore' gaming, but they do spend a lot of time doing it and one of the reasons that works for those couples is that both people enjoy logging those hours.

Comment Re: Boston Marathon bombings likely used pressure (Score 1) 182

I think you're right, in fact its been my experience that most modern cookers are designed so the gasket between the lid and the pot will give way and leak pressure pretty much every time you use it. They've also been redesigned so you can't lose the little weight that sits on top, but that means that you a) don't get the "chukka chukka" noise and b) they are messier and harder to clean.

Comment Re:No Educational Value (Score 1) 348

Some of my classes were like this, and it was astounding how many people at the '500' level (at my U they were 4000 or 5000-level classes, I think we both mean 'final year, pinnacle of your education' classes) were completely worthless at their chosen major. I couldn't believe some of those people had not been flunked out of the program before getting that far along.

The other issue though is that when you hit those senior-level courses is that group projects start showing up, where each person really needs to pull their weight for it to work out. Or all of the work gets dumped on the one person who doesn't want to fail and the slackers still skate through...

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