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Comment Re:HTML = programming (Score 1) 302

Your comments make you sound eliteist. "Programming" encompasses more than writing computer instructions with a given lanuage (Python, Java, C, etc.). I can agree that "Programming" the layout of a page using HTML is completely different than writing a program that renders that page, but the is no need to be a dick about it.

Comment Re:How is this a win? (Score 4, Insightful) 340

The majority of input energy would be solar, growing the plants. the machinery used to harvest and transport it wouild run on electriciy and fuel cells just like everything else. It is just a matter of A) generating enough plant matter, and B) getting the infrastructure to critical mass to become sel sustaining.

Sure, it sounds far fetched. But hey, you have to start some where some time. Right?

Comment Re:The Answer To This Nonsense... (Score 2) 1111

No it isn't, but you have conveniently missed part of the equation. How many human lives has uncontrolled drug use claimed?

I completely agree that there are a number of recreational drugs that should have no more control and oversight than cigarettes and alcohol (which are also deadly), but some should. I could care less if someone I know and care about smokes marijuana, but I feel much differently about methamphetamines. I may be wrong but doesn't it seem likely that if the less harmful drugs were more available then the more harmful ones would be less prevalent?

Comment Personally Identifiable Information (Score 5, Interesting) 175

I don't care if anyone tracks my preferences or shopping history. What I care about is; 'Is that information "Personally Identifiable"?' In other words its not that they know what I do, its do they know, specifically, who I am.

I am all for research and marketing to tune products and advertising, but they don't need to know my name or various identifiers to do it.

Comment Fully informed? (Score 1) 750

I thought they determined that this was about more than shifting floor mats; that there is a legitimate problem with the software. You could experience this problem WITHOUT floormats in your car.

I don't drive a Toyota and if I did I could not afford one new enough to have this problem anyway.

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