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PC Games (Games)

Submission + - Sports-based MMO coming to market (

Corbets writes: Ok, let's be clear from the start — I work for the company, so this is probably going to be considered a shameless plug. Still, I've been reading all kinds of stories about MMOs on Slash for years, and I've yet to see anything mentioned about our game, so here's a link. People here have been talking about "seeing something different" in MMOs for a while now — and our game is definitely unique. True avatar evolution, an advanced metabolism system and its sport focus are just some of the fascinating aspects of the game. Beta test starting soon, guys and gals. ;)

Submission + - IT Job Bidding Software

Corbets writes: "As is so often the case with people in the IT field, I find myself doing a fair amount of "side" work such as systems consulting, intranet building, that sort of thing. I typically do rough estimates with a bit of paper and a pen. My latest quote was a little more complex, however, so I pulled out OmniPlan and started putting together a project plan from which I intend to bid the job. I realized then that I've never seen any software designed for IT job bidding, although there is some excellent stuff available in other areas like construction. An admittedly quick search of Sourceforge didn't turn up much, though I'm sure someone will point out that I used the wrong search terms. What do you use to bid your small-scale IT jobs? What do you recommend?"
Media (Apple)

Submission + - DVD Archival on HardDisk Solutions

Corbets writes: "I'm moving abroad and would rather not cart my DVD selection around with me, especially given that my DVDs and my changer will not be compatible with those I buy in Europe anyway. I'm looking for a nice solution that allows me to rip, downsample (I don't need super high quality — without my HD screen and speaker system, why bother?) and store as much as possible. I'm familiar with Mac the Ripper, but I'm looking for suggestions from the Slashdot community for other OS X compatible solutions."

Submission + - Resources for the CIO

Corbets writes: "While I assume that most of the Slashdot crowd tends to be the guys (and gals) on the line, as it were, of IT, I'd like to get your opinions on resources for the people at the top of the org chart. I'm earning my MBA at a Swiss school this year, and we're a little weak in the strategic information management area. Do my fellow Slashdotters have any suggestions on books, articles, and other resources that would help a CIO define organizational IT policy? Given the trends evident in IT today, what issues do the C-levels need to consider, and what sort of information do they need to make informed decisions? Thanks for your help!"

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