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Journal Journal: WASTE not wasted 2

Well, as you all know, AOL forced Nullsoft to pull WASTE from their servers. To show AOL that once a genie is out of the bottle, you can't put it back, I posted a story on my website where you can post links to mirrors, and find some md5sums of binaries. Also, I've set up a WASTE server so you can try and test out this wonderful new technology. See details on my website.

So head on over there and post them mirrors. Oh, and spread the word while you're at it.

It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal Journal: April fool distress

Well, april fool is coming up, and guess what, the worst thing has happened: I have NO FRIGGIN CLUE what stunt to pull. Last year I did NetBSD on the x-box (page still available, see one of my previous journals), but for this year? Sheesh, I really don't know...

So I'm calling for help here. don't post your ideas in the comments (which I've enabled btw, just so you guys can fill up the slashdot database some more :), but mail them to me privately. You'll spoil the prank if you do :) Or maybe I can assist realizing your april-fool idea. Heck, I might even set up a mailinglist for it if the need arises or if suddenly I get snowed in with mail (which I won't expect, but what the hell, surprise me).

Let's fool some people on april fool. Don't let me resort to cheezy stuff everyone else does. It's a tradition at stake here! I won't be satisfied until I get slashdotted! Help me out!

It would be really nice if people with mad photo-retouching/reality-distorting graphics skils would help, and of course, people with absolute sick sense of humor are of course welcome.

So? Who's up for it? Not all at once please :)

update: It seems that I'm silently being ignored. Oh well... back to the lame stuff for april fool I guess.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Generic bitch thread

I hope you know this will go down on your permanent record :-)

Well, this is just a placeholder where you can bitch about anything I've said on this site. I'll check into it from time to time you hear what you have to say about my postings. If you want to go ad-hominem, post here. I expect this to be either a journal full of praise or a hellhole full of bile. Or maybe someting in-between. You decide.

A few disclaimers though:

  • I am not a rabid GNU fan. In fact, I hate the GPL. I can live with the LGPL, but the BSD license is my preferred one.
  • I don't use windows for anything but either portability testing or running games I can't run on FreeBSD or the Linux ABI. Yes, I do use FreeBSD as my primary multimedia workstation since it can display all the media types I am accustomed to using. Try finding a truly free good quality DVD player for windows. It's better with *nix (high-fives mplayer)
  • I do use KDE and I am passionate about it. I hate GNOME, but not because it's GNU. It's just not my 'thing'. Get over it. Oh, and yes, did I mention I usually run FreeBSD? :)
  • I don't believe BSD is dead. At least as long as I am around, BSD will live. And I will spread it around like the bubonic plague. Muhahaha.
  • I like perl, but not much. I code in it when I have to, but if I can help it, I'd rather code in C or Python. No, I don't like Ruby. It's too much like a python wannabe for entrenched perl coders. But that's just IMHO. Spare me the zealotry.
  • Right Tool For The Job is my motto. If it works, it works. If I have to use the filthy stuff from Redmond if there's no other way, I'll use it.
  • Yes I use Linux, and yes, it is pretty nice, but I still have a bias towards that good stuff that originated from Berkely. (No not LSD, that _other_ TLA, although both coming from the same place could not have been an accident ;)
  • This list is getting too long, so I'll stop :D

Also, I know a lot of key OSS people better than you might think. I usually meet them at (private) parties. I occasionally see them intoxicated. And it's even better when I am in an inebriated state myself. Much fun. No I will not disclose names to protect the innocent (*ahem*).

Also, I am an Omnivore (I'll eat animal, vegetable and mineral), and I smoke. I usually listen to loud obnoctious heavy metal (although I can bear many more types of organised sounds) and I love beer. Excuse me for living.

I despise money grubbing so-called religious cults. According to the critics of said "religious" *spit* entity, I am an SP2 (Co$ tried to handle me one time. Dismal faillure on their part. Heh.). I'm an atheist too. Yes I have read [1] the damn "good book" (know thy enemy) and the Quran. I still don't get what the fuss is about (let alone why people would go to war over such silly things).

Oh, and last: I am against the impending war in Iraq. I say "impending" because the government of the U.S. of A. seems to already have made up it's mind what it's going to do.

So, now y'all know a bit more what I'm about. Flame away!

[1] - read: skimmed through it once or twice. I still have both somewhere stashed as a reference.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Hackerheaven.Org

Right, everyone who reads this might as well head over here for an ad-free, nonsubscription-based site. Well, I'm not as big as slashdot so I won't have to for a long while yet :)

Well, that and the fact that I am bored out of my skull led me to writing this entry. Deal with it...

User Journal

Journal Journal: Hmmm... journals?

Wah... Had to put something here. Might as well be this :)

Right... on to forgetting about this, as I tend to do with journals...

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