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Technology (Apple)

Submission + - Systems administration via iPhone w/o Hacking (

Kalak writes: has an interview with the developer of Inco, a remote systems administration application for the iPhone (and some other smart phones it's implied) that does not require hacking the iPhone or installing software on the phone itself. It runs on the server via Ruby on Rails, and is for those times where the wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/kid forces you to leave the laptop at home. "Inco runs pretty well on Linux right now. What [he's] been testing so far is a mix of XServes, FreeBSD, and CentOS machines." So for those who are looking to get a fix on checking on the servers, while still having a life, this is one possible key. The app is still in beta, with a release due later this year.

Full Disclosure: I've met the application author, and would try to line myself up for the beta if I had a phone to run it on.


Submission + - Best computer language for teaching concepts?

MercBoy writes: I've just started teaching my daughters (ages 11 and 14) about computers. We homeschool, and I want them to have a basic understanding about the inner working of computers. For my 14 year old we began by covering basic electricity, transistors, and logic gates. I'm planning on getting up to a rudimentary explanation of the cpu, do some simple assembly language, and then on to a higher level language. I've been programming in C forever, but I'm not sure if I want to use C as a teaching tool. Any suggestions? They're probably not going to have careers in software, but I want them to be able to write programs and understand what's behind the curtain...

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