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Comment They're not always "double content" (Score 1) 112

why would you need all of them since it's double content.

They're not always "double content", as you claim, as many series are exclusive to one service. A recent article by Mark Hill used the following example:

I'm going to name eight television shows. They're all popular, critically acclaimed, or hotly anticipated, and I'd like you to guess what makes this group unique. [...]

Game Of Thrones, The Handmaid's Tale, BoJack Horseman, The Man In The High Castle, Twin Peaks (the revival), American Gods, Star Trek: Discovery, and My Brother, My Brother And Me.

[Answer:] each is exclusive to a different subscription service: HBO, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, Showtime, Starz, CBS All Access, and Seeso, respectively. If you want to legally watch all of them, it will cost you 69 (nice) dollars a month.

Comment My roommate is a C-SPAN and MSNBC junkie (Score 1) 112

The only reason to have live TV is to gossip about reality TV as if the "stars" are real and their life events matter.

That doesn't help people who live with a C-SPAN and MSNBC junkie, such as my roommate. Her favorite "soap opera" is the Trump administration. Or do you claim that U.S. politicians aren't real and the legislation they enact does not matter to U.S. residents?

Comment Not all OTT VOD providers offer pre-caching (Score 1) 112

If you need your pipe to be dependable, then it sounds like you're stuck a few decades back in tech time with streaming. You should come forward to the 21st century when enormous hard disks became affordable.

How do you (legally) fill such a hard drive with professionally produced video entertainment? Last I checked, Netflix was testing a pre-cache option in some regions but hadn't expanded pre-cache to its full library or to all regions where it offers service.

Comment Re:They own the networks and content (Score 1) 112

Another factor... my wireless is now down to $65 for 16gb with an 8gb hot spot. Plus ubiquitous free wifi at merchants in my area.

Then watch you spend most of that 8 GB per month keeping your PCs' Windows operating system up to date now that Microsoft plans to automatically download security updates even over metered connections.

Comment Not only pro but also college sports are on cable (Score 1) 112

I don't watch professional sports, which makes it much easier to ditch paid television service.

Most college sports here in the United States are on cable as well. Last I checked, the College Football Playoff was on ESPN, and the NCAA Final Four was on TBS in alternate years, with many games in the rounds of 64, 32, 16, and 8 also on Turner cable channels.

Comment Re: What is and isn't a human right (Score 1) 164

Right now, the federal government has not done it's job and determined if it is, in fact, a human right [...] so in the meantime, at least allow citizens to decide for themselves

On the one hand, the Ninth Amendment acknowledges the existence of unenumerated rights of the people. On the other hand, the Tenth Amendment acknowledges the existence of unenumerated powers of the several states. Would it not be "allow[ing] citizens to decide for themselves" by allowing them to vote in representatives to make this decision on their behalf?

Comment Re: What is and isn't a human right (Score 1) 164

a drivers license can be changed if you legally change sex. They chose 'birth certificate' on purpose - exactly because, unlike a drivers license, it cannot be changed.

North Carolina allows amending the birth certificate of a post-op trans person born in North Carolina.

And of course, most of them never think to add an exclusion for intersex people

For example, the bathroom bill in my home state of Indiana, if read literally, would have banned from both restrooms any person whose genital presentation at birth does not match his or her chromosomes, such as people with de la Chapelle syndrome where the SRY gene crosses over from the Y chromosome to the X chromosome. Fortunately, it died in committee before I had a chance to pass on my thoughts to my state representative and senator.

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