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Comment Re:Well Trump has one thing right (Score 1) 517

It's unfortunate that the program has been abused to replace American workers. (Which is in direct violation of how the program is supposed to work.

You mean, it's the opposite of the stated intent. Don't go getting confused about the purpose of the H1B program. It's there to export jobs for short-term profit, period the end.

Comment Re: Designed the system to use greed for good (Score 1) 517

The US is a Federal Republic where the represwntative government is selected by democratic vote.
The US is a Republic AND a Democracy.

Except, it isn't. The representative government is selected primarily by who spends the most money, and the highest office in the land is selected, not elected. That's why the US is an Oligarchic Republic, and not a Democratic Republic.

Comment Re:Well Trump has one thing right (Score 1) 517

It's not up the the company to train the people. The government should be doing that (or at least providing for it,

It doesn't matter if the government provides money for retraining, or if they make it cost-effective for a company to pay for training by eliminating the alternative. Either way, Americans get trained. That's why it's so critical to make it more expensive to hire a H1B than to train an otherwise ideal candidate who already has citizenship.

Comment Re:What about what Apple stole? (Score 1) 56

So, mods, the +5 Insightful rating for the Parent simply points out (once again), the unbridled Apple Hate that manifests itself in Slashdot's asinine and broken "moderation" system.

Dry your Apple-flavored tears, troll. Approximately every time I say bad things about Apple here I get moderated down by Apple fans who are crying about the resulting sand in their arsecrack.

Comment Re:I get this... (Score 2) 230

I don't know why you say you enjoy Las Vegas. The hotels I've seen are not luxurious, nor are they cheap.

The best hotel rooms are not on the strip, or they cost a thousand dollars per night and up. The best place to stay inexpensively is a business hotel. They have lots of them, for obvious reasons. I liked Doubletree while I was there, it didn't smell bad and they had nice beds.

The food in the buffet is inedible - I wouldn't feed it to hogs.

I haven't been in some time, but the buffet at the Rio was pretty good IMO.

If you can win, and you won't break even, why play?

To me the reasons to go to LV are drinking and fucking. But I quit smoking tobacco, so now it's pretty fucking gross.

Comment Re:No H1-Bs for high rent areas (Score 1) 517

Make those states not fucking suck and people will want to live there and start companies there.

Yeah, that's the goal

[citation needed]

Other places should be allowed to import more educated people. By changing the rules for H-1Bs.

How about not chasing out the educated people? Perhaps by changing something else? Like provincial shitheel attitudes?

Californians love to vote for more taxes. California consistently supports high tax candidates and policies that lead to California paying more. So you can't really be for more influence for California and not also be for more taxes.

That's funny, because California is one of the states that gets reamed hardest on taxes by the feds. It's the flyover, red states that are spending our money with their regressive policies. If they didn't chase everyone who wasn't a stupid asshole out of the state, then perhaps they'd have a chance to succeed at something other than sucking.

But the central question is: why should the rest of the US support an H-1B program where almost all the benefits go to only a few places?

Well, I'm generally opposed to there being high numbers of H1Bs to begin with, so perhaps I'm the wrong person to ask. For some reason I have this wacky idea that we should be encouraging employers to train people who live in this country, rather than people who live in other countries. Most of those people are lying like rugs to get the jobs to begin with, and learning how to actually do the job while on the job. They don't have any of the job experience they claim, they're coming here to work for a reason and that reason is there not being work for them at home.

But with that said, raising the cost of H1Bs so that they all go to California and Seattle and a few other technology centers is a good thing for workers in the midwest, or wherever, because they won't have to compete with foreigners for jobs. It might be a bad thing for employers, but if they can't succeed by hiring a citizen, I don't particularly care if they succeed. In fact, I'd rather they failed, and let someone with a better idea take their place.

Comment Re:No H1-Bs for high rent areas (Score 1) 517

Silicone Valley blows goats climate-wise.

The silicone valley is in Southern California and has great weather all year, and tons of fake tits (literally.) I think you want the "silicon" valley. But seriously, have you ever lived there? Now, have you lived anywhere else? The weather is goddamned great there compared to other places.

And, sure Northern Cali has culture - like a Petri dish has culture.

San Francisco says hi.

Silly Valley sucks less than the Midwest and the rust belt, no doubt, but that's not saying much.

It isn't? That's a wide swath of the country. It's better than the south, the southwest, and the northwest, too. What's left? Oh yeah, it's also better than the northeast. That's basically the whole fucking country that isn't on the east coast.

It's just the network effect. There are very few hubs for tech jobs, because companies want to hire locally if possible, and smart people move to where the jobs are, so you get the normal sort of power law distribution.

It's not just the network effect. There were big tech schools in other states, too. Those other states just suck.

Comment Re: Well Trump has one thing right (Score 1) 517

From your many argumentative comments, I see you're just not getting it. Having H1b workers so tied to a single company is bad for everyone.

Only if you let companies hire them for too little money, which is what this particular move is about.

It allows the consulting companies to treat them almost as slaves, no matter what they are getting paid

The only reason to do this is so that you can underpay them.

They might still prefer a $100k slave that they can treat like dirt (and, at times, illegally) over an $80k local employee who can freely walk away any time they want.

They might. But they probably won't. And if they do, they will probably fail, as the market intended.

Comment Re:Indiscriminate antibiotic use in farm animals.. (Score 1) 271

When going through in processing I got an antibiotic shot, as did everyone else in the company. It turns out that when you put a lot of living and breathing beings in an enclosed space, be they recruits in a barracks or pigs in a shed, they tend to get sick.

Wouldn't it be cheaper to put up a few walls in barracks than to compromise everyone's immune and digestive systems by giving them antibiotics whether they need them or not?

How do you know that was actually an antibiotic shot? You don't, because when you enlist you give up your right to refuse injections, or to know what they contain. Sheeple.

Comment Re:Making America great again (Score 1) 120

What do people mean when they say "make America great again"? My understanding is that they want a USA which is making new innovative industries, employing lots of people in the USA with high paying jobs, and making profit in the process

What they actually mean is "make America great for white people again" because it was never great for anyone else. Time was, even the lowest, most useless white person had an edge over darker-colored people in the job market, which kept them employed at a time when there were enough jobs to employ all the white people. So point the first, they're racist fucks, whether they actually even know it or not. Point the second, they're idiots and dumbfucks, because you can't turn back the clock. Soon there will not be enough jobs for anyone and it won't matter what color you are. The world is already trending that way; as we diminish racial inequality (still going strong, but less so than in the past) we simply stratify still further along economic lines. Or as the saying goes, the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer.

People who want to "Make America Great Again" are racists. Full fucking stop.

Comment Re:One can hope (Score 1) 113

My understanding (which may be wrong) is that the impetus behind SystemD from the server side might be containers. Currently, these can't be managed centrally (AFAIK),

What supposedly prevents this? There are many packages for maintaining containers.

Comment Betteridge was Here (Score 1) 392

/docow1 NO /docow2 STUPID /docow3 TRUTH YOU

The truth is that there are more opportunities for people to become programmers than ever before. Free education abounds. There are programming tools that run on common handheld devices. I don't know of an easier way to make a functional app which actually does stuff than Tasker, for example. You can install a complete Linux system on your Android phone and use it for Android development. Whence come these bullshit assertions that there are less opportunities to become programmers?

I don't know about you, but I can sideload anything I want onto literally all of my Android devices. I have a Pine64 (which is actually running Linux now, but I did run Android on it for a while), a MK908, an Amazon Fire stick, and a Moto G 2014, and I can load whatever I want onto any of them. Perhaps the problem isn't mobile devices. Perhaps it's Apple. Only, they have a minority market share, so is it really a problem?

Comment Re:Well Trump has one thing right (Score 1) 517

Yes you do. They aren't there to fill a specific need, they're there to plug a skills shortage.

No, that's bullshit. We don't have a skills shortage. We have many skilled, unemployed potential workers here.

Whether they're filling a gap at X corp or Y inc is neither here nor there, if you make the reasonable assumption that they're being hired for the rare skill they possess.

That is not a reasonable assumption by any means. We have many skilled coders out of work here, but we keep hiring H1Bs to do jobs our citizens could do, based on lies on H1B resumes. The system is rotten to the core.

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