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Comment Re:K&R (Score 1) 92

This is the one paper book that I still keep at-hand for programming. There is no substitute, it is the best. Simple and clear.

It's too bad that C++ is so flexible that such a straight-forward book cannot ever be written for C++.

Comment Re:Why not remove the screen too (Score 1) 675

Because unlike the SD card, everyone uses the screen.

Seriously, for the minority of people that use SD cards "all the time" and "can't live without memory card readers", go buy an adapter. Not elegant, costs more, yes, well, this is the price for depending on a day to day basis on rapidly antiquating technology.

Here's a list of ports/hardware that I use sometimes: GPIB, RS-232, Floppies (even the half-density ones), CD, DVD, parallel ports. I do use these things occasionally. But not enough to want to carry around a laptop with all that built-in. And from a mass-marketed device (yes, they plan to sell millions of these), it really does not compute.

Comment Re:Dear Apple.... (Score 1) 675

The thing is, for pro photographers, we already carry around lights, lenses, batteries, cards, chargers, adapters, etc. I even already cary an SD card to USB adapter for those cases where I use someone else's Mac Pro, for instance. Since the vast majority of people do not need floppy disks, CD drives, and random memory cards, removing this orifice (and it's the longest one physically) really makes sense and probably made the layout a lot easier.

Maybe one day cameras will switch to micro USB flash drives and end this entire thing. Oh wait, the macbook pro probably lacks those too :-)

Comment He's right (Score 1, Informative) 675

He's totally right, having a specific memory card slot in a computer really isn't that useful these days. Most folks don't ever use them; for those of us who do, it's a mixed bag as to if the card is the right type, and it's not a day-to-day event. If it is day-to-day, buy an adapter. I've used mine only a half dozen times to write Raspberry Pi images, which I easily could have done using another machine and a USB card reader. If having an SD card reader is a deal-breaker, go back to the 90s and get the last Mac with a floppy while you're at it.

All that said, they have removed other useful ports and that is annoying. These are/were ports that many people actually used.

Comment Re:No escape (Score 2) 361

I'm sure apps that need escape, such as terminal and Vim, will have a way to get it mapped to the corner of the touch bar. And as others noted, there's always remapping that caps lock key.

No doubt someone will come out with a little hack to keep the escape key always in the corner.

Comment Re:Everyone is dirty.... (Score 1) 412

Would you say though, that when the New York Times posted old version of Trump's tax returns, that they were influencing an election? And this is with data that was stolen too.

I hate both candidates, let me be clear. Both have despicable character, do not appear trustworthy, and come with baggage.

Any useful information about either candidate will influence the election. What the Embassy should have said is that he was influencing an election in a way they didn't like. Or at least, in a way that someone with power in Ecuador doesn't like.

Comment Re:Clintons have killed tons of people (Score 1) 706

So there may be some stories in that list that are not accurate or are exaggerated. I appreciate your investigating some of this.

My thoughts are, if maybe a handful out of these actually have some substance, then this is worth looking at.

Next time I won't pick the first result on a google search... But I still find it relevant.

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