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Comment Re:Is it how you call Propaganda these days ? (Score 2) 107

The Trump administration, and every previous administration. And every administration of every government across the globe, worldwide. And every administration of each of those governments since their inception. Every government ever puts out propaganda and bullshit.

Your user ID is low enough that I can't possibly believe that you're just now, in 2017, coming to the realization that governments are all-propaganda-all-the-time. Do you expect people who want to control you to be forthcoming and honest about their intentions, ever?

Comment Re:Stop supporting this shit (Score 1) 88

I'm really not knocking someone who enjoys sports. But shouldn't there be a line in the sand? How much will people really take?

If no one ever speaks up, they keep pushing and taking more and more. Part of my personal path to happiness is leaving a better world for the next generation than the one I was thrown into. A dystopian surveillance state is not better.

Besides, are you implying that one should only care about things that personally affect him right this second? If that's the case, I suppose I should just leave my family behind, go buy a Hummer, and spend the rest of my days eating double-cheeseburgers and partying with hookers and blow. Because if my family starves and the Earth cooks itself, well, that's not personally my problem, right?

Comment Stop supporting this shit (Score 1) 88

Stop watching sports, turn off the TV. Period. It's the only language these fuckers understand-losing money.

Hit them where it hurts, make sure you don't spend one dime on any of their products or events.

Distractionball is only there to keep your mind off of what the elites are really doing, anyway.

Comment Re:Not what I expected (Score 1) 359

grow up to be schizotypical wingnuts who eventually try to get into Congress with a backpack full of hand grenades to save us from the Liberal Muslim FEMA Conspiracy.

You know, I was interested in reading what you had to say until you were compelled to go take a thread about a medical condition and somehow manage to interject bullshit partisan political stereotypes into it.

Comment Re:Abusive monopoly mad, news at 11. (Score 1, Interesting) 92

Everyone knows the qualcomm LTE modems are better under optimal conditions but I feel Apple is more interested in providing a constant experience across it's platform.

That's the problem, under optimal conditions the performance IS consistent between the two modems. However, as the signal level starts to drop, the Intel modem's performance drops off a cliff. It's the real-world experience that suffers using Intel modems, not the lab tests.

I understand Apple's desire to cheap out on the modems to squeeze a dime from a business perspective. However, they position the iPhone as a premium product and using sub-par chips that provide sub-par performance will give consumers the opposite idea. If Apple was concerned with having a consistent user experience, they wouldn't be using Intel modems at all.

Comment Re:Kill two birds with one stone? (Score 1) 76

I'd say your system would be a start.

But there should also be a "second tier". Where content that doesn't meet the mommy-government-happy-shiny standard of acceptability, and your second-tier advertisers, the ones who can't afford to advertise on the sanitized channels, can still get their advertising out there (albeit at a lower cost).

Considering all of these systems are automated anyway, Google doesn't have anything to lose and it can be a win for free speech as well as small business, as people with a message the government or Verizon or whoever doesn't like can still monetize their content and the little guy still gets his ads out.

But I'm sure that will never happen. In 2017, opinions different from yours are "hate/racist/extremist" and don't deserve to be seen by anyone, let alone monetized, and that's what all this hubbub is really about: Google and Big Tech quashing free speech as usual. Same shit, different day.

Comment Re:So what was the point of removing the regulatio (Score 1) 125

There never really was any regulation. The FCC passed regulations (which many people saw as overstepping their bounds), which would have prevented the ISPs from selling customer data without authorization. This regulation was never enforced. But in effect, it just would have been another line in the TOS that you agree to it, and if you have no other choice for internet service, what are you going to do?

At any rate, it would be an FTC issue, not an FCC issue. All repealing the regulation did was keep the internet functioning the same way it has been since its inception. Ooh, scary, huh?!

Not to mention that the Facebooks and Googles of the world were never affected by this and could still sell any data they wish, so this just levels the playing field between different internet companies who are already doing much more nefarious things with your data.

The point of the incessant media coverage, however, was precisely to piss people off over essentially nothing because they are pushing a political agenda, and sites like this one and many news outlets want to whip up any fervor they can over the Trump administration, essentially numbing people to their wolf crying, so a few years into the administration, they'll have carte blanche to do anything and no one will care, because of "WOLF!!! WOLFFFFF!!!!!!!" every time some non-issue pops up that the mentally ill see as an impeachable offense.

Comment Re:this is really getting tiring (Score 1, Insightful) 231

If a group of people has been told by leftists their entire life that they can't get a job because of their skin color (or sexual preference/orientation, religion, whatever), they then develop a chip on their shoulder about their skin color, and are then unable to obtain a job because of their skin color.

If those same groups of people would just stop listening to leftists, they could break the feedback loop and find success.

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