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Comment Re:Why is it the top result? (Score 1) 332

Now that isn't what I said, is it? I said that if the page is a hijacked page, or has risen to the top of the search results because of unsavory SEO, then by all means, quash it. If this page is there legitimately because people click on it and spend time reading it, then why shouldn't it be at (or near) the top of the results? As I said before, I think most sane people agree that the Holocaust happened, so why is a bunch of nutbags questioning it be so threatening? Does the truth not stand on its own?

Comment Glad I don't have AT&T (Score 1) 66

Seems like it's rife for abuse. The "numbers" used by spammers are just spoofed local phone numbers, and heaven help you if you have one of the numbers they spoof, you won't be able to call anyone.

Plus, I'm sure this will be used to block communications from subversi^W terrorists and everyone else they deem unworthy of being able to communicate.

Comment Why is it the top result? (Score 1) 332

If it's historically the most popular page people visit after entering that query, then the algorithm seems to be working as intended. It's not up to the operator of the search engine to censor a result that is legitimately returned by the engine (ie. page has not been hijacked or the popularity is the result of some automated SEO or other artificial skewing of the result) just because it makes people uncomfortable. I know, Google isn't the government, and they don't have to have any page on their site blah, blah, blah.

But as the defacto gatekeeper to the internet (at least for millions of non-savvy users), they have a responsibility to stop with the "deep thinking" about how to "imrpove" the algorithm. Because what they mean is they are trying to figure out how to censor speech they (and admittedly, most sane people) find "deplorable", for lack of a better term. But that's always the problem with free speech, it isn't free if you don't hear something that makes you uncomfortable once in a while. If you can't stand being uncomfortable once in a while, then you aren't an adult, you're a whiny child...and you don't deserve the benefits that come along with those rights as well.

Comment Re:Peoples Republic of Commiefornia (Score 1) 171

You still didn't read all of it. The "emissions test" only served as a tax on the people who can least afford to repair their vehicles, while doing nothing to stop pollution. Think about it this way: anyone with the money to do so will be getting their vehicle repaired as soon as the "service engine soon" light comes on. That light is only off when all systems, including pollution control systems, are functioning normally. If the cost to repair exceeds the value of the vehicle, the well-off person just buys a new vehicle. So you won't save any emissions there.

Those who CAN'T afford to get the otherwise well-running vehicle repaired as soon as the malfunction indicator lamp comes on will continue to drive the car until the emission tests come up. The car will be tested, fail, have some "adjustments" made by a "mechanic" as cheaply as possible, then be tested, fail again, and then a waiver issued to continue to operate for 12 months. Each step of the way the process is taxed, and fees must be paid to the government. This person cannot afford a new vehicle, nor the repairs that exceed the value of the vehicle. So again, no emissions were actually saved because the car is still out of compliance, but the poor people were taxed up one side and down the other, so it's all good.

Explain to me how this isn't government over-reach and not just another thinly veiled tax on the poor that liberals supposedly hate so much but only when they disagree with the reason?

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