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Comment No, I'm not. (Score 1, Troll) 219

I've been paying Comcast roughly the same amount of money per month since 2007. Since then, my Internet speeds have gone from 8Mbps to 125Mbps, and I have a whole slew of HD channels I didn't used to get a decade ago. And never mind that I moved to Comcast to consolidate what, before, was phone and DSL from the telco and TV from satellite, and I was paying a lot more for less back in those days.

Oh, and if you take inflation into account, let's just say I'm paying a lot less than I ever have for my TV service. Stupid study is stupid.

Comment Re:Giant Douche or Turd Sandwich (Score 1) 852

Oh give it up.

There are 930,097 subbreddits on Reddit. The other 930,096 (and almost the entirety of the Internet itself) is a safe space for the regressive left. Trump supporters have one subreddit, and that makes them "safe spacey alt-rights".

Liberal logic at it's finest, kiddos.

Comment Keep in mind (Score 2, Insightful) 226

When they trot out these "feel good" stories about renewable energy, that this is a developing nation with an extremely temperate climate. Also remember this is the model for the United States and the rest of the modern first-world/western nations under globalism/leftism: reducing them to third-world status.

Comment Looks like (Score 1) 551

I'll be sticking with my iPhone 6S for years to come. Remember kids, never update your iOS past the next major revision after it was released. This ensures a long life and usability. I will stop at 10.0 to ensure slowness and battery draining doesn't kill my hardware prematurely.

Comment Re:Range not speed (Score 0) 73

1. Ubiquitous coverage
2. Fast speeds
3. Cheap cost

Pick 2. If all you need are coverage and low cost, a Verizon MVNO or possibly Cricket would probably work best for you.

Besides, that 400Mbps isn't so you can get that speed on your phone all by yourself, it's so hundreds or thousands of people can use one cell site at the same time without it becoming so bogged down that you can't load any data. Congestion is becoming a real issue for T-Mobile in many places, these things can help alleviate those problems somewhat.

As for the 700Mhz not being available in your area, if their current native network isn't sufficient for you, why would you continue to use a carrier that doesn't provide the coverage that you need it to? If T-Mobile doesn't have 700MHz service live in a given location, it's because they don't own a license to use that spectrum there. That means Verizon, AT&T, or more likely US Cellular owns the license and one of those three providers would probably serve you better. If they do own a license, it should be online soon enough.

The gimmicky "video transcoding" (actually just throttling of video streams to 1.5Mbps, no transcoding happens) is also fine by me. I'm all for net neutrality, but I don't need 4K video on my cellphone. If I need to watch videos on the go, I'd much rather be conservative with my use of the shared wireless resources and still be able to consume my content. My home internet is where I need blazing speeds for UHD video and downloading large files, and people who are using their cellphone as a home internet replacement are a large part of the congestion problems we're seeing today.

Comment Re:Progress (Score 3, Insightful) 133

Yeah, it really is a joke. Even the Google car only operates in autonomous mode a bit over half the time, the rest of the time being piloted by a real person. That's about the same percentage of time you can text, eat, change the radio, etc. as a person and not pay attention to the road. So what we're really being told is that we've finally gotten a computer to be able to do what a human can do with spare background cycles.


Although if we're being truthfully honest about all AI and all autonomous cars and all this hype, the real story is:

Objective: Eliminate humans. Eliminate the human experience, eliminate the human element and turn the world into one big machine.

But that's the elephant in the room that no one will admit, that the entire agenda is one that's anti-humanity, period. Too bad the computers will NEVER be able to reliably make the kinds of judgment calls that humans can and the entire AI borg system is going to come crashing down sooner or later, so we really won't have to worry about the anti-humanist ilk ever really doing much of anything to worry about.

Comment Re:Huh?!? (Score 1) 85

I'd say most everyone doesn't realize that. If anything, the vast majority of people's only experience with autopilot is in an airplane they've seen in a Hollywood movie flying itself while the pilot goes to the john or uses a stewardess. I don't know why Musk continues to call his system autopilot when it clearly means "adaptive cruise control with lane detection system". Even Cadillac was smart enough to call it "Super Cruise".

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