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Comment Film at 11. (Score 1) 300

Apple is removing a standard port.

The floppy drive made sense. Legacy/serial ports etc. too.
The optical drive made sense.
The headphone jack almost makes sense (under the right circumstances, but not for me so I won't be upgrading from my 6S+)
Removing the physical home button is simply retarded.
And the USB port?

Positively asinine. All the other ports were either obsolete or being replaced by other technologies. The USB port is a standard connector used by literally millions of devices. Hopefully, this is where Apple finally realizes they've jumped the shark, that removing more and more useful connections won't be bringing Jobs back from the dead, and they'll have to actually innovate or die.

I don't like Android's ecosystem for mobile devices. Google and their incessant spying just isn't my bag. But I'd rather see Apple die than continue to make stupid decisions over and over and over again to the point that their products end up being just a screen with content you do not control and an Apple logo on it that you are compelled by the EULA to stare at for 8 hours a day lest your license to stare at the device be revoked and the hardware is bricked. Because that's where it ends up.

Comment Re:Time for the average folks (Score 1) 211

I mean for friends and family abroad, not random foreigners. Why? As both a friendly gesture to them, and a middle finger to the rent-seekers, that's why. I'm personally not affected by a cap, so that part's no big deal, and I can handle securing the network.

Although I agree, unsubbing sounds great in practice, and I'd absolutely do it in a heartbeat (Cable TV, too), except the whole family would have me strung up in the back yard about 5 minutes after I do it. I've found most people under the age of 30 in addition to many significant others don't give two shits about taking a stand, only that they get what they want.

Comment Time for the average folks (Score 1) 211

To start running OpenVPN and letting anyone they know personally abroad connect in and view the content they want. My connection should be able to handle 2 or 3 more regular HD Netflix streams in and out. They block my IP? Big deal, I can convince the ISP's DHCP server to assign me a new one. Once they've blocked enough dynamic residential IPs to piss everyone off, they'll most likely just give up.

It's easy to play whack-a-mole when there are only a handful of very visible moles. Put millions of them underground and see how much effort the rent-seekers are willing to spend on blocking.

Comment Yeah, no. (Score 0) 549

Try and deprive me of my personal property, for any legnth of time, because you're a whiny, self-serving little sniveling Hollywood scumbag and see how much money you continue to get out of me. I would walk away in a heartbeat and make sure everyone I know is aware of what a piece of shit you are.

"Everyone in the world should be recorded to make sure they don't say or do anything that constitutes wrong-think." "Except me, I'm special..."

Yep, go fuck yourself.

Comment Re:Dennis Ritchie found dead (Score 1) 17

Something's going on with these bots lately. They're posting coherent, intelligent, well thought out replies that just flatly have nothing to do with the original post or are just blatantly incorrect, or information like this (correct, but not news) but wants to sound so concerning. It's really strange. Like this "news" is almost exactly 5 years old to the day.

I wonder if it's some kind of code that's being hidden in plain view or something?

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