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Comment Re:WTF is "Fake News" (Score 3, Insightful) 100

I can explain.

Here's what "fake news" is: any news not approved and sanctioned by the entrenched legacy newsmedia and their handlers.

This is happening because, rather than admit they dropped the ball on the entire 2016 election cycle (and admittedly probably have been dropping the ball on many fronts for the last decade or more), they are blaming social media/the internet and the ability of citizen and independent journalism to fill the void they left behind when they stopped showing any shred of integrity or equitability in their "news" coverage and became wholly bought and paid for mouthpieces of the establishment and elites.

Basically, when the petulant children were not satisfied just tilting the scales for the oligarchs, they decided to start completely fabricating news stories for most of the last year or more and now that it's painfully obvious they're doing what they do best: projecting their own failures onto those who were actually doing the work of real journalists by proclaiming them to be "fake" to try and regain control of the narrative. Essentially, doubling down on the bullshit and intelligent people are still seeing right through it.

Comment Every Fucking Day with this Shit (Score 4, Insightful) 100

When the fuck did it become some kind of ingrained right to not have to experience anything "offensive"? Real life is offensive, this just tells me that the technocratic elite want to push these technologies on us in order to sterilize our existence (both literally and figuratively). There are only two kinds of speech, free speech and censored speech. Why ANYONE would choose the latter is beyond me.

Ever walk down the street in the city and a bum comes up to you begging? He can smell and look offensive. Should that be censored? Ever been on a farm and smell the pigs or the cow manure? That's offensive. Ever see guts at the scene of a car wreck? That's offensive. At least to me, but maybe not to you. See how it works? Not only is the entire thing so subjective as to be useless for anything other than propaganda-pushing, removing ALL offending content just flat-out means removing all content. Besides, this isn't just about using words that the special snowflakes don't like, it's about living in the real world. Using the useful idiot tools to squelch words and thoughts they don't like about other people is just the beginning.

All of this censorship ends up in one place; a sanitized, fabricated virtual reality existence where every message you see is approved, every thought you express is sanctioned, and every opinion you have is the correct one. And guess who's going to be controlling it? If you think Zuckerberg is bad, think again. He and his beast system are just a means to an end for the really evil elitists at the top. Just because they've created a "real world" that's so seemingly hopeless if you get sucked in by the news media and false reality doesn't mean you should by any means take solace in the safety of censorship.

Get off your ass, unplug, get out there into the real world and get offended! Trust me, it gets easier after the first few times. And you'll probably realized that being offended isn't anywhere near the worst thing that can possibly happen to you and get some perspective back into your life of what is and isn't really important in the big picture. Of course, tread lightly, as those at the top have tried their damnedest to make sure they get to stay in control of your mind and they don't tend to act rationally when faced with people calling their bluff.

Comment Re:Why won't Democrats support the outcome? (Score 2, Informative) 1321

What's "pants on head" stupid is that the only time "fraud" is ever a serious concern is when Democrats lose. The same Democrats who belittle and pooh-pooh Republicans who point out actual, in the flesh fraud. Because, remember:

Fraud doesn't exist

I mean just ask Obama: “You are much likelier to get struck by lightning than to have somebody next to you commit voter fraud,” he said. “You’d win the Powerball.”

Comment Why won't Democrats support the outcome? (Score -1, Flamebait) 1321

The lack of self-awareness on behalf of the losers is astounding.

They're doing exactly what they said they feared Trump supporters would do if he lost, disrespecting the outcome of a legal election and pissing on our republic's history of a peaceful transition of power.

It's over, time for them to move on. They've got 4 years to regroup and try to rebuild their party into something that isn't a hive of scum and villainy. I wouldn't waste a lot of time bellyaching when there's a monumental task ahead of them if they want to ever win another election in this country.

Comment Re:How does Fedora compare to Ubuntu? (Score 1, Insightful) 153

Of course. I'm not saying shitty hardware isn't to blame for issues arising from shitty hardware.

However, I've had issues, stupid ones like the OP's, pop up occasionally on various Linux distros, and the answer you get time and time again is "must be shitty hardware". Even when the hardware is fine and can run BSD, Windows, sometimes even OS X just fine.

It's that sense of superiority that Linux is perfect and if there are any issues it just must be shitty hardware that turns people off. It's just as smug as "you're holding it wrong".

Comment Re:Duh. (Score 4, Interesting) 403

Perhaps that "indoctrination" allowed people to see him for the con artist he truly is.

Or, just maybe, "higher education" is just nothing more than an extension of the high school popularity contest, in which you just have to say and do and "question" the right things to get in and play the game? I should know, I still manage to play it every day. Empty shells of people walking around trying to out-signal each other to show who's most virtuous, most oppressed, or most "progressive".

The "indoctrination" is just that. And unless you want to be cast out of the group, you'd better not think outside the box. Or at least, don't say things too loudly. The real world, far outside of the walls of the echo chambers that make up the modern university are something most people there have never experienced. And I'm honestly free of sarcasm when I ask you, honestly, has this thought ever crossed your mind?

Comment Re: Duh. (Score 1) 403

now I'm impervious to all the crap.

Good on you!

the number of fundamentalist dipshit parents who had it out for her was amazing. Yeah, she had the occasional bout of trouble from the special snowflake crowd, but that was dwarfed by the control freak religious nutjob parents.

Erm, don't get too full of yourself there buddy. Sounds like you're definitely a victim of leftist propaganda. Sorry, bud, you lose.

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