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Comment Re:No man is an island (Score 0, Troll) 267

Translation:Wah! Wah! I don't know how free markets work! So instead of doing anything to address an obvious shortage in the supply of housing I'm going to bitch and moan until the government makes my safe space all comfy cozy again. Here's the short version for those of your who wasted your life on a liberal arts degree; there are people providing this service in Berlin because there is enough demand for high quality short term housing to support this business model. The solution is not to throw a temper tantrum over how the world works, but instead to invest in new housing developments until the supply has caught up with the demand. This is called economic growth and despite what your NIMBY mommy has told you it's actually a very good thing. If you want to see what whining about housing situations without a proactive solution in play will get you then just look over at California.

Comment Re:If they're smart... (Score 0) 206

Incidentally, if he's so stupid, how come Hillary isn't being inaugurated today?

Because she was even dumber than he is? We're talking about relativism at this point. When you're talking about two retards, declaring one to be smarter than the other does not change the fact that they are both still a retarded.

Comment Re:ZOMG!!! (Score 1) 56

So anyone can access the _MAKE_AIRPLANE_CRASH_ API call!

Again these hacks are fun but not scary at all. the Infotainment system has NO CONNECTION tot he avionics.

You say they aren't scary. But just you wait until you're stuck in the air for 6 hours while a malicious actor plays nothing Son in Law with Pauly Shore on a loop.

Comment Re:Farm? Hardly (Score 1) 196

We're not "very, very far behind" in anything. We just don't need to foot the extra cost of shifting wind farms off shore, we like to do things correctly. Here is a local example from my own backyard: . There are dozens of sites just like this one all over the Great Lakes. Why would we swim out into the ocean to get what is more easily had in our backyard?

Comment Re:They don't (Score 1) 209

You don't need large scale fraud, you only need to defraud key population centers in a state. Think of how the electoral college works, you have districts broken up geographically and weighted by relative population. Take my state of New York for instance, this place is a solid lock for Hillary but most people don't realize how red it is; because of the overwhelming number of people in NYC we always come up blue in the polls. There are literally millions of people elsewhere in the state that are die hard republicans. Now assume that those people are going to vote red and their district is going to come up for Trump with no need for manipulation. You wouldn't need more than a handful of compromised machines in Buffalo, Rochester and\or NYC to alter a few key districts and flip the entire state for the republican party for the first time since the 80's. People would ask questions sure, but by then you could easily have the few dozen machines you compromised flashed back to their stock firmware, or destroyed in a fire or what ever the hell you wanted. There are enough people who would have actually voted republican who would jump at the chance to defend the results on national television and insert that feeling of reasonable doubt.

You're mistake is in assuming that just because candidates win entire states at a time, that those people in those states must all vote the same way. This is completely incorrect.

Comment Re:Let's Get One Thing Fixed... (Score 1) 497

It is? I must have missed it. I thought it was just something from a bad movie plot. When is the last time any sovereign state leader has routinely executed people for failure? Or any propaganda has said so?

Does intentional failure count? Maybe like leaking data about certain Email? : .

Comment Re:There were 3 (Score 1) 382

Additionally, zero of those 3 emails actually contained classified information.

You realize that that doesn't actually matter, right? The contents of the information is irrelevant, it could be a weather report for all the government cares. The fact that the documents were classified is what makes mishandling them a problem. The issue at hand is that it is not up to Mrs Clinton what is and is not classified, or how to handle that information. Personally, I don't even care about the criminal prosecution. This whole situation underlines a flaw in her character that IMO makes her unfit to lead a country.

Comment Re:maaaan (Score 2) 382

The guy worked for an MSP ( Platte River Networks ), he wasn't even a private contractor. What this does show is that Hillary Clinton cares even less about national security then anyone previously thought. At least a direct hire would have shown some foresight toward limiting the number of jokers with access to these documents. But no, what does this retard do? She outsources it to a bunch of garage sale technicians working at a glorified call center.

Comment This is why no one subscribes to PC World anymore (Score 1) 96

The rootkit uses a trick to hijack the standard C library (libc) functions without actually installing any kernel objects.

This is literally the only interesting part about this announcement and there is jack-all details about how it's doing this. How does this accomplish what it does on Ring 3? I'd imagine that it uses an inline function hook, but I'd like to know for sure.

Comment Re:More importantly (Score 1) 993

Every vote for a third party is a threat to a major party's political power.

As long as it's not enough of a threat to swing an election, they don't care.

They don't even care when it is enough to swing an election. George W. won because of third party candidates siphoning off votes, so the Democrats focused on moderate voters for one whole election cycle and that got Obama in the office. Now, not even 10 years later, they are right back to not caring backing a women that can't even hold a press conference because she makes even die hard lib-tards cringe with her bullshit. The Republicans are even worse about it! They sit back and act all confused that Trump is their front runner but look at who they put against him; Ted "Ban the Dildo's" Cruz, Mark "Let's have a Tea Party" Rubio. To top it all off someone in the party decided that it would be a good time to play a prank on little JEB and let him think he stood a chance at getting elected.

This "sending them a message" crap is just that, passive aggressive crap from do nothing lemmings that think that change just happens because the charismatic black man on TV told them it would.

Comment Re:It's almost suggesting (Score 1) 176

Or it suggests that a CEO's pay is merit based and that it requires more work to achieve smaller gains in saturated markets or with over sized companies. The metric used in the article is the problem here, it inevitably leads to a false conclusion.

The problem with American companies isn't the compensation rate of the CEO's, that's a non-sequitur. It's that certain CEO's are allowed to cannibalize companies and still get compensated for it.

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