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Submission + - University of Maryland Develops New Supercomputer

CompMD writes: Researchers at the University of Maryland have developed a new desktop supercomputer. It is capable of running 100 times faster than current desktops using 64 processors operating in parallel. The inventor sees this as a step in the right direction for computing: "The manufacturers have done an excellent job over the years of increasing a single processor's clock speed through clever miniaturization strategies and new materials," he noted. "But they have now reached the limits of this approach. It is time for a practical alternative that will allow a new wave of innovation and growth and that's what we have created with our parallel computing technology."

Submission + - DRM breaks DRM?

CompMD writes: I've been noticing that there are a lot of people using newer Dell machines that are running into trouble with FlexLM, a common license manager. What worries me is there are no FlexLM configuration problems. The issues experienced run the gamut, from not being able to check out a license to the service spawning thousands of server processes until the machine crashes. In the end, people can't use their legally licensed software. It took a while to find something in common with everyone, but eventually I discovered that a program implementing Trusted Computing that Dell preinstalls along with and what appeared to be a Broadcom TPM driver were causing this. This seems to be specific to Dell Precision laptops and perhaps a few other models. Can anyone else corroborate this problem of Trusted Computing breaking an industry standard license manager? What does this mean for the thousands of users of FlexLM licensed products? Is this problem specific to a faulty TC implementation, or is it systemic across all new computers with TC?

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