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Comment Re:It seems to me that art is considered great bas (Score 1) 278

Indeed it would be, but it would not be taken seriously, unless it was someone smashing a urinal perhaps? I jest I jest. I would think that some of the more abhorrent emotions wouldn't be considered, but there is certainly lots of people who love having certain emotions stimulated, as evidenced by the commercial success of films like SAW.

Comment It seems to me that art is considered great based (Score 1) 278

"No one in or out of the field has ever been able to cite a game worthy of comparison with the great dramatists, poets, filmmakers, novelists and composers." It seems to me that art is considered great based on the amount of emotional response it stirs up in the person interacting or observing whatever medium the art is based on. I would almost agree with the gentleman speaking, almost. There have been a few games that really get up into your soul, get under your skin and get your heart pounding. Thats as close as the industry really gets, except for System Shock 2. That game was a bonafide masterpiece of art. Maybe I'd even go so far as to say Gears of War 2 multiplayer can be some fantastic performance art, under certain situations, like when the last man standing on his team hunts down and chainsaws the remaining three men on the other team. If I've gone that far I'd have to include BF1942 as well, if there is two teams playing very seriously sitting back and watching is incredible. It's like a war movie. "Hero" the old movie filmed within the engine, theres a word for this, mechinama? mechina? something? was quite a good short film. Except that there are no lives on the line, almost no human interest sections, gears and bf1942 can be beautiful, and raise an emotional response like sports can. System Shock 2 is the only game to transcend the trappings of the industry. And it does it through the emotion of fear, which is kinda hilarious. my 2 cents.
XBox (Games)

Anatomy of an Achievement 157

Whether they annoy you or fulfill your nerdy collection habit, achievements have spread across the gaming landscape and are here to stay. The Xbox Engineering blog recently posted a glimpse into the creation of the Xbox 360 achievement system, discussing how achievements work at a software level, and even showing a brief snippet of code. They also mention some of the decisions they struggled with while creating them: "We are proud of the consistency you find across all games. You have one friends list, every game supports voice chat, etc. But we also like to give game designers room to come up with new and interesting ways to entertain. That trade-off was at the heart of the original decision we made to not give any indication that a new achievement had been awarded. Some people argued that gamers wouldn't want toast popping up in the heat of battle and that game designers would want to use their own visual style to present achievements. Others argued for consistency and for reducing the work required of game developers. In the end we added the notification popup and its happy beep, which turned out to be the right decision, but for a long time it was anything but obvious."
PC Games (Games)

How PC Game Modders Are Evolving 98

Lanxon writes "Wired has a lengthy investigation into the state of PC game mods, and the amateurs keeping the scene exciting in the wake of draconian DRM placed on many PC titles by major studios. It highlights a number of creative modders, such as Scott Reismanis, founder and editor of Mod DB, and his community-driven alternative to Valve's Steam — Desura — which is 'a distribution system, and, like Steam, will sell games and champion indie titles. But the way it handles mods makes it even more exciting.'"

Comment Re:Reminds me of Michael Clayton (Score 1) 281

Exactly that. Companies can break the law, and they are people now, so why don't they have corporate prison? Too big to fail just lines right up with corporate interests. We can do whatever we want, laws merely exist to keep the plebes away from guns so they can never stop us. And we're too big to fail so we'll get away with it.

Comment Re:Someone made the decision to make that hitlist. (Score 1) 281

So what? Can the guy/guys/girls responsible? Badmouth them on google? That's fair punishment? How about an eye for a fucking eye. I'm curious, how can you think a life like that is worth allowing continuing to exist? And don't give me no yuppie Nuremburg bullshit about following orders. Like theres an email. "seek them out blah blah." emails have a from and a to field. Find from. Hang him. Find to. Hang him. Then, find everyone above from and to in the corporate hierarchy and hang them. Gross negligence causing physical harm = capital offense in my opinion. Or, if killings' too salty for you, well, corporations exist and are owned by people, and corporations are persons. Well that means slavery is still legal, seeing how one person owns another. So therefore people who commit physical harm against another should be commited to slavery, and owned by the victim. All the employees, everyone involved, they should forfeit there lives in the service of those whose lives they maliciously and knowingly destroyed. And if they run, then hang them.

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