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Submission + - CNET parent organization blocks review and award to Dish over legal dispute (

Coldeagle writes: It looks as if CNET's parent company, CBS, has laid down the law:

Just one day after CNet named the Dish "Hopper," a new TV recording system that's drawing rave reviews in the tech press, to an awards shortlist, the site's parent company stepped in and nixed the accolade. Because of a legal battle between CBS and Dish over the Hopper's ad-skipping technology, CBS laid down a ban: CNet won't be allowed to even review Dish products, much less give them awards.

Got to love modern day freedom of the press!


Submission + - Tech stories we’re sick of (

Coldeagle writes: CNN has an interesting list of tech stories that have become a bit repetitive:
"Like Ned Ryerson, there are some irksome stories out there that keep coming back and coming back and coming back and just need to be put out of their misery. Or, like Needlenose Ned, punched in the face."

Maybe /. should think about such list!

Submission + - End of Net Neutrality? Old crop of neutralists out (

Coldeagle writes: Interesting tidbit from CNN, it appears as if all 95 members of the House and Senete who had previously pledged support for Net Neutrality have all been replaced in yesterday's election. According to CNN, most Republican's oppose Net Neutrality. Interest facts about how the FCC is also attempting to gain the right from Congress to apply Net Neutrality.

Submission + - Dell Android Mini Tablet (Mini5) coming this July (

Coldeagle writes: Looks like Dell is bringing their UK Based tablet phone to the US:
"The Dell Android device will be available for $500 unlocked and open for use unlocked in the US. The five-inch mini tablet is only an inch bigger than the HTC Evo, which is due to be released later this week and has many of the same specs: same Snapdragon processor, same 800x480 display, same ability to make calls, should you desire."


Submission + - Astronauts having trouble with Tranquility module (

Coldeagle writes: Astronauts ran into trouble while trying to connect up the new Tranquility module onto the ISS. A critical insulating cover didn't fit quit right:

"The fabric, multilayered cover is supposed to go between Tranquility and its observation deck, but the metal bars are not locking down properly because of interference from a hand rail or some other structure at the hatch."

One has to wonder if this is another imperial metric snafu.


Submission + - Nintendo Drops price of Wii by $50 (

Coldeagle writes: "Looks like Nintendo is hopping onto the price dropping bandwagon:
"Nintendo said it is cutting the price of its popular Wii video-game console by $50 to $199.99.

The 20% price drop on the Wii, which features a motion-sensor remote, will take effect Sunday""

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