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Submission + - Cutting Paper Usage in Offices

Codex_of_Wisdom writes: "I'm currently working as a temp in the estimating department of an aircraft parts manufacturer. What we do is print purchase orders, log them, scan them, and index them.
The thing is, we index the scans, and throw away the hard copies. Thus, we go through 2-3 reems of paper a day, and then throw it all away.
I decided to make it my goal to end this waste, and did some looking:
We go to the buyer's website and they have a list of POs. I check a few boxes, hit "print selected" and it pulls up all of the selected documents in a PDF file.

First question: anyone know of a way to separate these files without going through the whole process to pull each one up in a separate document? This can be done, but it takes a while longer.

Secondly: the indexing system can only store pictures, so the PDFs cannot be indexed. This is the big problem. The first one can be ignored/worked around, but this is a big problem.

Any other opinions are appriciated.
I just think that wasting paper, ink, staples, and time in the office is pointless, now that we can do everything digitally!"

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