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Comment Re:We've already got one (Score 2) 301

First as a fad as it was the latest, coolest thing and the answer to everything....then competition and market saturation...and along the way people figured out what tablets do well and what they don't do well. specifically, not quite the desktop killer everyone thought it would be. Tablets are great for a lot of things, but a lot of things go better on a desktop/laptop with a keyboard and mouse.

Comment GW, but not solely AGW? (Score 0) 507

Depending on which way your filter bubble is oriented, this will come out as pro GW or anti GW...
Everyone knows about the ice ages, but how many know about weather cycles that last decades or the ones that last centuries?
There is evidence of a warming/cooling cycle that lasts about 500 years. We are currently in a warming cycle that started about 1850. Before that we were in cooling cycle starting around 1300 (Little Ice Age). Before that was warming starting around 800 (Medieval Warm Period).
Briefly, during the Medieval Warm Period, marginal land became productive, british wine was of a quality it was cutting into the market for french wine, the Vikings established a colony in Greenland, and the Vikings found grapes growing in Newfoundland.
Soon after 1300, it got colder. Marginal land became unproductive again. The Vikings abandoned Greenland, The british wine industry tanked. And the glaciers in the european alps grew again. Eventually, since the Thames kept freezing solid enough, the british started having Frost Fairs on it. One show describing all this is 'Big Chill: The Little Ice Age' that is shown occasionally on Discovery/History/Science channel. This is history, not tree rings, satellite data, or arctic/antarctic ice cores.
I suggest all the weather observations of the past hundred years have been on the upslope of a natural warming cycle.
Not to say that humans aren't having an effect, with all the pollution we are pumping into the atmosphere. Another show I saw was Nova: Dimming the Sun. In it they talked about some measurable effects of human pollution. In this show they studied how much solar radiation reached the ground before /after and during the air industry shutdown after 9/11. They studied the atmosphere and how much solar radiation is reaching the ground when there were no jet contrails crisscrossing the sky. The also studied a thousand mile island chain off of India. In comparing the north and south ends of this chain they saw the northern end, typically covered by pollution from India, received much less sunlight than the southern end of the chain which is pristine. They discussed the difference between clouds made of water droplets condensed around natural particles versus manmade particles. The ones from manmade particles reflect ten time more sunlight than clouds made from water droplets formed around natural particles.
You may have heard one of the schemes to cool the earth is to inject sulfur particles into the upper atmosphere to form more reflective clouds. I remember in the 70s and 80s when there was a big push to clean up the smoke stacks and get the lead out of gasoline because of acid rain and fears of global cooling. The recent scheme of injecting sulfur into the atmosphere made me think we could just take the pollution filters off the smokestacks and accomplish the same things. Either way, we will have acid rain again.
While I am for being ‘greener’, I don't think we know enough about climate change and what is feeding into it to make wise decisions about geoengineering our planet. And before one of you throws in an 'occams razor' comment, I must point out that razor only works if you have sufficient information and sufficient understanding of that information to draw a reasonable conclusion.
We don't know all of what is feeding into the climate, from solar output, to pollution, to volcanoes, to the recent discovery that the mid-ocean ridges are more volcanically active that previously thought.(http://science.slashdot.org/story/16/01/12/222234/the-40000-mile-volcano?utm_source=rss1.0mainlinkanon&utm_medium=feed). While I think we can reasonably do more to pollute less, I think we should do a lot more to help Brazil, China, and India curb their pollution (which far outweighs ours).

Comment Re:activations (Score 2) 171

activations doesn't mean machines running windows 10. I have three machines that I 'activated' with windows 10, but only one still running it. one win7 machine I have I upgraded to win10, but it kept crashing, and then automatically reverted itself to win7 (weird, but cool, though I had a win7 backup I could have used). one win8 machine I have I upgraded, but enough software (even though supposedly win10 ready) broke when I went to win10 that I reverted it to win8. The third, formerly win7, is still running win10 and doing fine. If they are counting activations as running copies, they are way off.

Comment treadlmill desk cure (Score 2) 340

here is a cure for the desire to use a treadmill desk:
1. get a treadmill desk of any variety.
2. set up your computer as you like.
3. get to work.
4. wait until you are concentrating on an email or a task and make a misstep.
5. fall ungracefully.
Note #1: do not forget to flail on the way down to make sure you get your coffee or soda all over you and your computer
Note #2: do not forget to whack your skull on your desk or other furniture on the way down.
optional: if you fortunately have installed a backstop to the treadmill and have forgotten to attach the little string for autostop on the treadmill, you can also enjoy the benefits of the treadmill belt sandpapering your flesh and your clothes while you struggle to get off of it.

voila! you are now cured from *ever* wanting to use a treadmill desk again!

Comment Re:what a load of crap (Score 1) 293

It's one thing to force everyone to use your internal wifi for money, it's another to force them to compromise their security so you can make a buck. I would rather not use their "public" wifi because it is not as secure as using my own hotspot. I want to be able see my email, bank, and use social media without worrying the guy in the next room is on the same network and grabbing all my login credentials. I realize anything wireless by its nature is never entirely secure, but I would trust my own hotspot more than a hotel hotspot.

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