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Comment Re:Wrong power (Score 1) 284

You were right on until the end. 1 MW continuous output dumps the same energy as a 1 MW pulsed output over a second. However, a pulse laser will have a much higher power during the bursts. A 1 MW laser pulsing at 10 Hz, for 100 us bursts has an output of 1 GW during the pulses (and 0 otherwise). The instantaneous power can do much more damage than a steady lower power.

Comment Re:Easy in Thunderbird to fix (Score 1) 256

I think the problem occurs when your muscle memory kicks in and automatically chooses one option or the other. If you never use reply all, then errors would be proximity based one. But if you do use reply all frequently, then the errors are due to conditioning which will not be solved by where your buttons are.

Comment Re:Summary wrong, not so bleak (Score 1) 947

The Catholic Church's official teaching is along the lines of:

1. Adam and Eve were real people that all of humanity is descended from (otherwise, their original sin would not have affected everyone)

2. Adam and Eve were not the product of accidental probabilities (God had intention of them being created)

3. Adam and Eve (and all humans since) have rational, immortal souls created by God (i.e.: the human soul did not evolve)

Catholics are free to believe in any concept of how God created mankind as long as it does not violate the above conditions. Generally, the popes and magisterium of late are open to evolution (of a limited kind compatible with the above statements), but as it is not a teaching about faith or morals, they allow science and reason to work it out.

Comment Re:Ah, Wardialing (Score 1) 410

Many VoIP gateways have the ability to detect Fax signals and decode them to send the binary data over the compressed vocoder link. This is specified by ITU standard T.38. Here is a brief description from a company that I helped implement this for:

Comment Re:English only ? (Score 1) 179

Having worked with G.X series vocoders, I can tell you that the language can matter. Certain languages (Mandarin) are much more tonal than others, and sometimes high compression vocoders don't do as well with them as with English. Also, vocal tract based vocoders tend to perform poorly when compressing music or other non-verbal audio.

Comment Re:firefly (Score 1) 829

Sorry, I meant that the CGI space shots in firefly had zoom, lack of focus, and wobble to match the rest of the shows doc style which Joss had never seen done before, but Star Wars released with the similar feel in their space shots.

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