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Comment Re:Hands on Whell? (Score 1) 186

I do not want to have a pointless argument with you, but this is a quite dangerous way to adjust the mirrors in any location in which motorcycles are allowed to lane split. Same for locations in which there is a significant number of bikes on the road. The fact that the link you provided only shows cars around is telling...

Comment Re:3d fails about every 10-15 years. (Score 1) 435

Like many things, you can probably get used to it.
Playing first person shooter games induces headaches for many people at first. The display would make the brain think that your head is moving around, while the vestibular system says the contrary. With time, most people get used to the discrepancy.

Comment Re:Buy a Zoe instead - affordable electric (Score 1) 105

- an electric motor is dead simple and much cheaper than the mechanical complexity of an ICE (it's just a glorified spool of wire, attached to a fixed ratio gear. That's why Tesla can afford to slap a 2nd one on their 4-wheel drive vehicle (the xx"D" series), and that's why most european high speed train can afford electric motors on each of their wagon.)

Interestingly, not on TGVs which are among the most common high speed trains in Europe (470 trains). These trains have power cars at both ends.

Comment Re:Filter or not (Score 1) 110

This is not as simple as that. The inertial sensor is not outputting bogus or noisy data that can be easily discarded from previous data. It is saturating because the actual acceleration or rotation of the spacecraft is higher than any value the sensor can measure. Any integration algorithm used to compute the position of the spacecraft, including a Kalman filter or not, is going to have trouble in those conditions. Of course, there are methods to estimate what could be the correct measurement value during sensor saturation, but they are far from being a silver bullet.

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