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Comment Re:We have the same thing in the US (Score 3, Funny) 441

So you engage in something you consider stupid, and that makes you stupid by your own definition because of peer pressure. Lol. I'm laughing mostly because you dismiss a lot of people as stupid just because they do not see it the same way you do.

Even if statistically speaking it is almost impossible to win, if buying a cheap ticket, gives a small thrill to somebody that makes them happy, you should not qualify people as stupid like that.

By that measure, everybody going to Vegas is stupid, and I'll be damned if you don't happen to have a good time once you go there.

Comment Re:Dare to be different! (Score 1) 128

Just go and get a Blackberry Passport or Classic. Everything you are asking minus the replaceable battery. Does not seem to be faring well.

The keyboard thing does not make sense though, not only because its size, but as soon as you need to type stuff in a different language, it becomes painfully obvious you need another system in place.

Comment Re:No, just no (Score 1) 560

Wait until you meet a lot of people addicted to heroin, and see how the drug almost unequivocally, end up messing up with their lives, and you will have a very different outlook about drugs.

I do take issue on people smoking in a place where other people will have to breath their fumes, marihuana or otherwise. Your right to smoke ends where my right to breathe clean air starts.

Comment Re:Proof (Score 1) 160

Look closely why the Russians acted that way. They were being pushed. If somebody started crap in Cuba, where Guantanamo is, or Bahrain or Japan, where the US has bases, you can be a 100% the US will make sure shit hits the fan.

So number one fact that happened, EU sponsored coup d'etat against a pro-Russian govt in the Ukraine, where they have this major base in Crimea. Conclusion: Russians annexed Crimea and supported rebels in the East.

Number two: Trying to forcefully remove Bashar Al Assad from Syria. That Russian base they have in Tartus was not going to defend itself and they are not going to lose their only base in the Mediterranean like that.

So again, it is just crude politics and pissing contests. Let go of the Cold War mentality because starting similar crap with someone like China, will take us back ages ago.

Comment Re:This is totally Trump's fault! (Score 1) 320

But the fact is Russia is not your enemy though. Think hard about why Russia did what they did. Crimea annexation and Russian support for Eastern Ukraine rebels only happened after the US/EU sponsored Ukraiine coup d'etat. Syria, kind of like the same deals. Russia has had military bases on those countries for a long time. You cannot rattle a cage like that and expect nothing will happen. Democrats have been so cynical about it that they are saying it was all Russia's fault.

Putin is not precisely a democratic leader, but he is a legitimate leader of a sovereign country. So that line where Trump says more cooperation instead of conflict looks like a spot on foreign policy, which is much better than the quagmire of Libya, Iraq, Syria and whatnot and the crapload of displaced people.

Comment Re:No doubt... (Score 4, Insightful) 320

Speak for yourself. As a latino I take no offense in Trump winning. Why would you support people that pay no taxes only and accept whatever wage is thrown at them since they have no options, which in the process reduces the job pool for a lot of people, simply because they could not find a legal path to immigrate to the US?

It seems you are too blinded by the kool-aid that the media gave you about Trump to actually see that he was the one talking about bringing jobs back and making the economy work again.

But just chill, it is politics after all. I am not expecting miracles coming from either candidate so just focus on getting better opportunities or starting your own thing.

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