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Comment Useless (Score 4, Insightful) 109

What a bunch of nonsense. The US has by far the most developed ecosystem for tech startups, the source of real innovation, not fossils like Cisco. That there is no "digital act" in place does not mean the US is falling behind anything. I gather that was targeted for the UK to catch nationalist non-sense, but those people tend to forget who is the country that created the internet in the first place, where Google, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft are based and in general, where most of the new cool stuff keeps getting created, from Uber to Tesla. So good luck with that envy.

Comment Re:Just works? (Score 2) 484

For one, typing in the small screens is awful. Second, most of those models come with pretty bad touchscreens, both for display and for the touchscreen component (meaning non-capacitive). And the camera is mostly there to say that you have a camera, because those will take you back to the dark ages of digital cameras. So there are some trade-offs that are justified only when you see it in the money saving context.

Comment Re:The same as ever: Android (Score 1) 484

Totally agree and that creeps all the way down to app development. I have to see it everyday since we have a workflow for both Android and iOS, and the whole app submission process to Apple, is impressive as far as leaving crap out of the system. They will even reject your app if your forms are badly designed. It kind of reminded me of the legendary Nintendo quality control procedures for third-parties. There is nothing similar in the smartphone world, so I would say actually that the technology stack is way better on iOS than on Android, with its horrible memory consumption.

Besides we are talking about Objective-C vs Java here, and Apple has managed to make a C based language pretty fast to write code with and without too many memory issues that are so familiar in the C world. I consider Swift a regression in that regard, but hey, it seems everything in the programming world will turn to some form of javascript based language.

Comment Re:Xfce 5 should be based on Qt. (Score 5, Insightful) 91

You must work for Digia or something. If by portability you mean how well the interface looks, that is a moot point. Nobody would question that Java code was portable, and yet Java programs looked and behaved different (different dialogs, etc) than native software.

On the other hand, you fail to mention why Gtk+ is so bad in your eyes besides shiny graphics, which imho, in Linux land looks better than Qt. Why on earth would the Xfce guys care how well a Qt app looks on Windows or OSX? It is a desktop environment for X11/Wayland for christ's sake.

But in any case a post from an anonymous coward, who probably have never used either toolkit, and maybe is not even a programmer. When you have to work with this stuff, in the end you realize that it is mostly about what was best for the team at the time they started the project (availabe skillset, docs, etc) and at this point both frameworks are the best the open source world has to offer. If you don't enjoy diversity you can go back to Win32, lol.

Comment Re:There's fragmentation on iOS too... (Score 1) 136

Silly media directives? In what planet can you build responsive web sites with those? Last time I checked Bootstrap, Foundation and PureCSS were still using those. I have no idea what you are complaining about. Besides the discussion was about app development, it's like complaining that I cannot use direct database access in HTML5 or something.

Comment Re:Follow the money (Score 1) 136

I figure you haven't been out much. Google Wallet or not, the fact is that the number of countries where you can pay through Google Play is limited. And let's not even talk about China where Google Play itself is blocked, so the way you purchase apps are through carrier's or manufacturer's app stores. Still, if I'm developing an app I would release both versions in either case, in the case of Android heavily targeting the app for the US market and ignoring the rest.

Comment Re:flush with cash (Score 1) 73

More like the wealthy Chinese are buying stuff overseas that is dirt cheap compared to the invetsments required to do stuff here. Plus no govt interference mostly. In most Chinese cities property prices are so ridiculously expensive that a lot of people are just buying Spanish villas, French vineyards, etc plus the old factories out there so they can export those products back to China with the so-desired foreign label that the Chinese consumer demands.

Comment Dubious reports (Score 1) 109

I think what those guys experienced would be related to an ISP. I'm in China and traveling at the moment, so I can tell you that I'm still getting to the legit sites either using airport wifi, hotel wifi or a residential ISP.

There is interference with the internet, no doubt about that, especially since the Hong Kong protests, when they took down the whole BBC website. But unless I see it reported from a reputable source I will call this bs, since I have never been able to verify their claims in previous occasions.

Comment Re:disastrous (Score 1) 97

Sure, there are some accounts of people that never answer, but I was able to source medical equipment from India from their site. I'm pretty sure the guy was just a reseller but anyhow, he offered me a good price, I made a profit and was able to solve all my issues in English. In reality, you might want to go to China, find the actual factory, collect your shipment etc, but I didn't have the resources to do that, so the site was good for me.

Comment Re:Alibaba Is Useless (Score 1) 97

The truth is you screwed it up and should just accept it. If anything they would speak Hangzhou hu, which is close to Shanghainese, since after all Jiangsu and Zhejiang are neighbors. And that place is famous for gardening more than electronics. They speak Cantonese in Shenzhen is because they are the Guangdong province, not Canton or some other misspelling a foreigner created along the way.

Comment Re:Not just China (Score 4, Informative) 92

I have been living in China for quite a bit now, and I actually ask the same thing myself when I read something about China. Even this move by Apple is distorted in the way that the article is presented to always put the Chinese as the evil bad guys. Hell, I don't like the GFW myself, but I have to admit that this move by Apple is something of a trend for every tech company doing business in China. You incur a huge penalty in response times when you have to fetch content from the outside, which is why we go to great lengths in stuff we develop to make sure we are not linking to some google font, some blogspot/facebook link, etc.

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