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Comment Re:Who gives a fuck? (Score 1) 134

Actually the Tesla line of cards are for data mining and neural network research.
Nvidia has 3 PC lines of cards
Geforce Gaming
Quadro CAD/CAM and professional graphics.
Tesla for GPU compute. AI, data mining and other GPU compute functions.
The Titan is part of the GForce line and is a bit of an odd duck. It is a gaming card but like every other gaming card it can be used for AI, data mining, CAD, and even professional graphics but it is a gaming card. A very high end expensive gaming card.

Comment Re: In his Mother's basement (Score 1) 158

Why is it really dumb?
Is it any dumber than spending $50 going to a bar with friends?
He is no different than a guy that collects cars, art, comic books, airplanes, or old computers. Most of the cost seems to be the collection.

And this is the original post.
"I don't have a recreated $1.5m Star Trek bridge-themed home theater, so I'd say even in a one bedroom efficiency eating ramen I'm still better off in life."
Nope he is a snob.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 70

"Verizon has been buying up internet and advertising technology companies, including AOL, and presenting itself as the best bet to take on Google and Facebook Inc. in mobile advertising."
So they will have AOL and Yahoo...

Comment Re:Hater's Gonna Hate... (Score 1) 158

"had to work to earn the money he took?"
If he is running his companies really well he is providing them with jobs and keeping them from getting laid off.
At at the same time you and your boss told someone with two laptops that he should not give one to a person that can not afford one for college?
"However, I will ask how many starving people he could have fed or provided clothes to school children"
Well do you have cable TV? How much do you pay?
It takes $10 to feed a child for a week. How many kids are you letting go hungry every time you go to a movie, Starbucks, Pay for HBO, go out to eat, or have drinks with a friend?
Until you forgo all your luxuries and donate every cent to charity why do expect someone else to do that same. Also for all you know he does feed lots of children.
The answer is simple. People want to have some fun. It makes life worth living.

Comment Re:In his Mother's basement (Score 1) 158

So you feel that you have the right to judge the value of someone's life as inferior to your because he has more money than you and spent it to create something he wanted?
"Bell is managing partner of Marc Bell Capital and chairman of Terran Orbital, a company that manufactures satellite components for NASA, and was also a producer of Broadway’s Jersey Boys and Rock of Ages, among other shows."
It seems the majority of the money is in collection of Star Trek memorabilia. Just how is this any different than some one that has a car collection, aircraft collection, or an art collection? Really over all at this point you just seem to be trying to make yourself feel better about your life.
You are looking down on someone because they do not live the same way you do. That makes you a snob. It is just that you are a poor snob and not a rich snob.

Comment No it will not. (Score 2) 71

'Of course, such accumulations would have to be quite significant to make hydrogen gas produced by serpentinization a viable fuel source.'

If it is on the mid atlantic ridge it will be very difficult to drill for most of the ridge is really deep far deeper than the continental shelf. Now if the Hydrogen is near one of the Islands on the mid atlantic ridge then it could be reachable.
Then you have the problem of transport. You can liquify it but it is will still have a very low energy density plus people will tend to freak out over giant tankers filled with Hydrogen. Then you have hydrogen embrittlement to deal with and that makes hydrogen transportation a real pain. Over all if it is not at an island it will be too deep to use.

Comment Re:Amazon is awesome for knockoffs! (Score 1) 336

Just how different does a shoe have to be? What is the difference between an illegal copy and one that is just very close in style? Are they fakes? Using the same name? If so that is clearly illegal. Do they violate any patents? If so then it is clearly illegal. Do they violate copyright law? If so is that valid? Do they violate any trademarks?

I see this being an issue because now you can not buy Birkenstocks on Amazon so you might as well buy the next best thing.

Comment Re:Amazon is awesome for knockoffs! (Score 1) 336

For me it will always be associated with The General Lee.

Oh, I almost forgot about the Dukes of Hazard car....

Well, it likely won't be long, before a new generation of kids grow up, wanting to piss off their parents, and start wearing t-shirts and such of the rebel battle flag and it will be back popular again and not derided as it has so recently become.

Comment Re:Amazon is awesome for knockoffs! (Score 2) 336

Don't forget that the Clinton's belong to a "whites only" country club for years and that Bill Clinton loves the Confederate flag. He even used it as part of his campaign logo for governor I believe.

Well, to be fair, it is mostly people up north that get their panties all in a wad over the confederate battle flag.

Most folks in the south don't think it is the horrible symbol of racial bigotry, is just a symbol of the south.

Hell, I associate it with going to Lynyrd Skynyrd concerts (their backdrop) and on bumper stickers here mostly, not as something against black, but something that is for the south for southern pride.

It's only been in the past 3 -4 years that it has even been raised as an issue and it is mostly by folks up north it seems. No one here really sees it as a problem or anything as horrible as people here recently have been trying to make it...

I do sometimes long for the days before political correctness took the fun out of anything, and tries to demonize just about anything it can....

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